Unauthorized Online Resellers

An “unauthorized online reseller” is the term for an internet vendor offering to sell Audio-Technica product who is not an Authorized Dealer or Reseller of Audio-Technica, U.S.

An unauthorized online reseller may be offering counterfeit, damaged, used or defective product. Many unauthorized online resellers may not be located within the United States. Purchasing from an online reseller from a foreign country may increase your risk of receiving a counterfeit product.

Audio-Technica cannot guarantee the authenticity or condition of product offered for sale on unauthorized online reseller websites. Additionally, Audio-Technica brand product is warranted only when purchased from an Authorized Audio-Technica Dealer.

Audio-Technica is working to prevent these unauthorized online resellers from taking advantage of you, the customer. Audio-Technica provides a list of Authorized U.S. Dealers and a Dealer Locator (see the box on the left). If you have doubts about the authenticity of an online reseller, please contact Audio-Technica directly at salespolicies@atus.com.

The following is a list of unauthorized online resellers that have come to our attention. We continuously update the list and recommend you do not purchase Audio-Technica product from these entities.

Unauthorized Online Resellers List
Best Buy Super Saver
Canada the Great
Canadian Shoppe
Crawford's Superstore
Cyberstation Sound
E&B Electronics
EC Dealz
Electrician Warehouse
Electronica Direct
Electronic Deals
FBA Canada Express
Federal Stereo
Good Buy Products
Harold's Prairie
Japan Max Import Shop
Moe Media
Moe's AV
NPS Store
Ohio Micro
OJ Cap
OJ Commerce
Pro AV Dealer
Video Camera Center
Xcess Limited
Xray LLC
Your Source Direct
ZM Distribution