New Models In Audio-Technica Studio Microphone Ranges At ProLight+Sound

Leeds 04-01-2009 The newest additions to Audio-Technica’s 20 and 40 Series studio microphone ranges make their ProLight+Sound debut at this year’s show. The ranges have been extended with the addition of two new models apiece – the AT2035 and AT2050, and the AT4021 and AT4022.

The AT2035 is a large diaphragm side-address condenser model designed to offer smooth, natural sound, low noise and high SPL handling. Featuring a cardioid polar pattern, the versatility of the AT2035 is enhanced by the presence of a switchable 80Hz high-pass filter and 10dB pad, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly where the isolation of a sound source is important.

Further up the 20 Series ladder, the AT2050 is another large diaphragm side-address condenser, this time with three switchable polar patterns. Users can opt for omni, cardioid or figure-of-eight pickup, with the microphone’s dual-diaphragm capsule design ensuring pattern definition across the full frequency range. In addition, the AT2050’s diaphragms are gold-vaporized and aged for optimum tonal character over years of use.

The new AT4021 and AT4022 are high-performing condenser microphones created to deliver a wide dynamic range and cope with high sound pressure levels. With flat, extended frequency response and low self-noise, the new models are ideally suited to digital recording set-ups and for recording acoustic guitars, strings, percussion and other acoustic instruments where sensitivity and natural tone are of paramount importance. The AT4021 features a cardioid polar pattern for the targeted pickup of the sound source while the AT4022 is an omnidirectional model for situations where ambient pickup is required.

The 40 Series models are also covered by a lifetime warranty for peace of mind in the most demanding work environments.

Both the AT2035 and AT2050 are supplied with an AT8458 shock mount, threaded adapter (5/8” to 3/8”) and a soft protective carrying case. The new 40 Series models come with stand clamp and threaded adapter (5/8” to 3/8”) and protective carrying case.

Recommended retail prices for the new 20 and 40 Series microphones are as follows
(Sterling prices inc VAT, Euro prices ex VAT):
AT2035: £159.00 / €179.00
AT2050: £219.00 / €249.00
AT4021: £289.00 / €319.00
AT4022: £309.00 / €349.00