Leeds 04-01-2009 ProLight+Sound 2009 sees a variety of new Audio-Technica products making their debut PL+S appearance. Microphones from both the Studio and Broadcast & Production ranges, new professional headphones and the ATCS-60 infrared conferencing system will be on display, providing points of interest to visitors no matter what their professional background.

The new studio microphones in the 20 and 40 Series comprise the affordable AT2035 and AT2050 large diaphragm condensers and the high-performing AT4021 cardioid and AT4022 omnidirectional condensers.

The 20 Series are both side-address models, with the cardioid AT2035 designed to isolate sound sources while the switchable pickup pattern of the AT2050 allows omni, cardioid and figure-of-eight operation. The 40 Series microphones – which carry a lifetime warranty – are ideally suited to deliver sensitivity and natural response, and are perfect for use with acoustic string and percussion instruments.

In the Broadcast & Production range the new models are the BP4071 (also available in a longer version as the BP4071L) and BP4073 line+gradient microphones. Designed for focussed pickup for broadcast, film and theatre applications, the innovative design of the new B&P models results in levels of directivity that compete with those of microphones up to 50% longer.

The new ATH-M35 headphone joins the ranks of Audio-Technica’s highly regarded monitor headphones, including the popular ATH-M50. A low-profile, closed-back design and highly accurate response make the M35 perfect for studio or location use where isolation is of key importance.

One of Audio-Technica’s key products for 2009, the ATCS-60 infrared conferencing system is also an important element of the company’s activity at ProLight+Sound. The various component parts of the ATCS-60 will be available for demo on the stand with technical staff on hand to guide visitors through the flexibility and security benefits of the system.

More details on each of the above products can be found in the additional information sheets included in this press pack.

Audio-Technica’s new and existing product offering will be displayed on a fresh new exhibition stand at ProLight & Sound. Reflecting the company’s passion for innovation and forward-thinking, the stand is designed to allow visitors to experience Audio-Technica in the best possible trade show environment.

Audio-Technica can be found at ProLight+Sound in Hall 8.0, Stand C42.