Some Useful Accessories

SmartMixer® Automatic Mixers
During any sound reinforcement event, microphones not in use should be turned down to avoid pickup of undesired ambient noise and to decrease the possibility of feedback. In order to accomplish this, systems with traditional mixing boards require an operator who controls the mic levels manually. But some systems must function without an operator either some or all of the time. Audio-Technica SmartMixers solve this problem by automatically turning up only those microphones that are in use and turning them down between uses. SmartMixers keep the last microphone channel used turned on until another channel is activated. This continuous pickup of ambient sound avoids disturbing "holes" or total silences that would otherwise occur.

A SmartMixer may be used as the only mixer in a system, or as a "small event" mixer to control selected inputs when an operator cannot be present. A single SmartMixer controls and provides phantom power to four microphones. Additional units can be linked together to expand the number of available inputs while retaining automatic operation of all the mics. SmartMixer setup is extremely simple and takes only minutes. Security covers are included to limit access to the controls if desired.

Wireless Microphones
Providing total freedom of movement, Audio-Technica professional wireless microphone systems set high standards for wireless microphone performance in the most difficult environments. Choose a self-contained handheld microphone/transmitter or one of our versatile UniPak™ systems offered with headworn, lavalier, boundary, gooseneck and instrument microphones.

Microphone windscreens reduce problems of "popping" from close vocal use. They also help control the wind noise often encountered in outdoor applications and from heating/air conditioning air movements. The windscreen simply slips over the head of the microphone to completely cover all acoustic openings.

Shock Mounts
Microphone shock mounts help reduce mechanical noise transferred to a microphone through its mounting hardware. This includes the sound of physical contact with the pulpit, lectern or microphone stand, or even a foot tapping on a wooden stage.

Phantom Power Supplies
Audio-Technica offers phantom power supplies for use with most condenser microphones requiring phantom power.

Line Matching Transformer
The CP8201 line matching transformer permits use of low-impedance microphones with unbalanced high-impedance inputs.

In-line Attenuator
The AT8202 in-line attenuator prevents distortion caused by the overloading of sensitive input stages. (For use only with balanced, low-impedance mics.)

A variety of electronic in-line microphone accessories called UniTools are available to overcome commonly-encountered sound installation problems. These compact, phantom-powered units can be used to combine channels, add a switch, eliminate feedback, and control background noise, among other useful functions.

Durable microphone cables from A-T combine the protective properties of conductive vinyl and a rugged braided shield to ensure maximum rejection of AC hum and RF interference. Their supple, "low memory" material lets them lie flat without unsightly kinks and bends that can create a tripping hazard.

Stand Clamps
A large selection of microphone stand clamps for use with most A-T microphones is also available.

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