BP894 MicroSet®

Subminiature Cardioid Condenser Headworn Microphone

MSRP* US$449.00
Two-Year Limited End-User Warranty

*Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Actual selling price may vary; please check with an authorized Audio-Technica dealer.

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  • Overview

    Audio-Technica’s innovative BP894 MicroSet® offers the ultimate in low-profile, high-performance audio. The BP894 features a rotating capsule housing with talk-side indicator for use on either ear and perfect polar pattern placement. The MicroSet BP894 takes headworn microphones to the next level, by allowing the cardioid capsule to be aimed directly at the sound source. The uniform pickup pattern provides excellent rejection of outside noise, with exceptional gain-before-feedback when used with live sound systems and stage monitors.

    Delivering clear and accurate sound in an inconspicuous package, the ultra-lightweight BP894 hooks securely behind either ear and can be worn for hours witout fatigue. For maximum stability and comfort, the included AT8464 dual-ear microphone mount converts the MicroSet to a dual-ear-worn unit.
  • Features

    • Features a rotating capsule housing with talk-side indicator for use on either ear and perfect polar pattern placement

    • Provides superior intelligibility and clean, accurate reproduction for the most demanding house of worship user, lecturer, broadcaster or theater performer

    • Handles high sound pressure levels with ease

    • Extremely intelligible natural audio

    • Inconspicuous, lightweight headset with capsule diameter of just 2.8 mm is ideal for applications requiring minimum visibility

    • Ergonomic under-ear design—flexible, lightweight contoured loop hooks behind the ear for an ultra-secure, comfortable fit with or without glasses

    • Comes equipped with AT8464 Dual-Ear Microphone Mount that converts single ear-worn MicroSet to a dual-ear-worn unit for maximum stability and comfort

    • High-pass filter on power module provides a steep low-frequency attenuation to improve sound pickup without affecting voice quality

    • Available in black and beige, wired and wireless models:
      BP894 – includes AT8539 power module
      BP894-TH – same as BP894, but in "theater" color (beige)
      BP894c – less power module; 55" (1.4 m) cable, unterminated
      BP894c-TH – same as BP894c, but in "theater" color (beige)
      BP894cW – less power module; 55" (1.4 m) cable terminated with locking 4-pin connector for A-T UniPak® wireless systems
      BP894cW-TH – same as BP894cW, but in "theater" color (beige)
      BP894cL4 – less power module; 55" (1.4 m) cable terminated for Sennheiser wireless systems using Lemo connector
      BP894cL4-TH – same as BP894cL4, but in "theater" color (beige)
      BP894cLM3 – less power module; 55" (1.4 m) cable terminated for Sennheiser wireless systems using locking 3.5 mm connector
      BP894cLM3-TH – same as BP894cLM3, but in "theater" color (beige)
      BP894cT4 – less power module; 55" (1.4 m) cable terminated with TA4F-type connector for Shure wireless systems
      BP894cT4-TH – same as BP894cT4, but in "theater" color (beige)

  • Specifications

    ELEMENTFixed-charge back plate, permanently polarized condenser
    LOW FREQUENCY ROLL-OFF80 Hz, 18 dB/octave (wired only)
    OPEN CIRCUIT SENSITIVITY–49 dB (3.5 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa
    IMPEDANCE250 ohms (wired only)
    DYNAMIC RANGE (typical)104 dB, 1 kHz at Max SPL (wired only)
    SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO63 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa
    PHANTOM POWER REQUIREMENTS11-52V DC, 2 mA typical (wired only)
    SWITCHFlat, roll-off (wired only)
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION0.1 mA typical at 5V (wireless only)
    VOLTAGE RANGE2.5-11V (wireless only)
    WEIGHT (MICROPHONE)Microphone, boom & earpiece: 2.0 g (0.07 oz)
    WEIGHT (POWER MODULE)85 g (3.0 oz)
    (wired only)
    DIMENSIONSMicrophone: 6.5 mm (0.26") long, 2.8 mm (0.11") diameter
    Boom: 107.4 mm (4.23") long, 1.09 mm (0.04") diameter
    DIMENSIONS (POWER MODULE)97.6 mm (3.84") long, 18.9 mm (0.74") diameter
    (wired only)
    CABLE1.4 m (55") long (permanently attached to microphone), 1.6 mm (0.06") diameter, 2-conductor shielded cable with locking 4-pin connector (wired only)
    ACCESSORIES FURNISHEDBP894: AT8539 power module (wired only); AT8464 dual-ear microphone mount; AT8440 cable clip; two AT8163 windscreens; moisture guard; belt clip (wired only); carrying case
    BP894-TH: AT8539 power module (wired only); AT8464-TH dual-ear microphone mount; AT8440 cable clip; two AT8163-TH windscreens; moisture guard; belt clip (wired only); carrying case
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  • Downloads

    BP894 Submittal Sheet (pdf 371.41 KB)
    BP894 Specification Sheet (pdf 941.35 KB)
    Optional Windscreens / Mounts
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    • Q:

      Can you purchase replacement parts for this product. We have lost 2 of the curved ear guards for the side of the frame opposite the microphone.
      Asked on 5/15/2016 by Aaron from United States

      1 answer

    • Q:

      Can you purchase replacement parts for this product. We have lost 2 of the curved ear guards for the side of the frame opposite the microphone.
      Asked on 5/15/2016 by Aaron from United States

      1 answer

    • Q:

      How much background noise does this pick up or how little?
      Will it pick up everyone's voice in a crowded room?
      Asked on 4/6/2016 by jamesjohn

      1 answer

      • Staff Reviewer


        The BP894 is a directional cardioid pickup pattern microphone. With any and all microphones, the best signal to noise output will be to get the element as close to the source as possible. This allows the gain of the microphone to not be turned up to help avoid other ambient noises. This is why headworn microphones are often selected over lavalier microphones.

        Additional information here:

        Answered on 4/7/2016 by ATUS_Specialist3
    • Q:

      BP894 boom length

      Hi, we bought this mic late last year when it came out to the market. We are pretty happy with the audio performance. But one thing that is an issue is the length of the boom. With this mic, the boom is relatively longer than our previous head worn mic, and we can't figure out a good method of shortening. As it is, it is too close to the pastors' mouth and nose, and we are getting too much plosives. with the cardiord behavior the low-end of the plosives are extremely powerful. We tried to bend the ear clip end of the boom straight down, and then bend the boom back up, effectively shortening the boom. But still it is not short enough, and unable to get the mic head back toward to cheek area. If there is a better method, or a way to shorten the boom, please let us know. The foam screen seems to help some but we have not been able to verify that it helps consistently. We have different pastors using this mic and the mic responds to each pastor's plosives differently... We have not try to twist T-shape head yet, that is the next thing to try. Thank you.
      Asked on 3/19/2014 by wua1 from Northern California

      1 answer

      • A:

        Thank you for your inquiry. I ran into this with the microphone I put on my pastor. Being a cardioid pick up pattern the mic has proximity effect which can manifest itself in plosives. With my pastors mic we, put a slight "Z" bend in the boom to shorten it. Be extremely careful in doing this so that you do not break the boom. You can also take out a bit of the low end at the board which can take out some of the plosives.

        Answered on 3/25/2014 by AudioSolutionsManager from Stow, OH
    • Q:

      How does it connect to receiver/mixer

      How does this connect to receiver/mixer? Does this has a XLR std size to connect to wire to connect to receiver?
      Asked on 12/25/2013 by shashi from usa

      1 answer

      • A:

        The BP892 and BP892-TH feature a 4-Pin HRS connection for use with Audio-Technica wireless systems, AND comes with the AT8539 Power Module for use as a WIRED MICROPHONE. The included AT8539 features an XLR connection, and requires Phantom Power for operation. The included POWER MODULE is IMPORTANT for wired use, as it balances the microphone's output, and steps-down the standard Phantom Power voltage down to Bias Voltage, to meet the microphone's power requirement. The -TH means the microphone is Beige. If there is no -TH designation, the microphone is Black.

        Since the BP892 and BP892-TH are ultimately WIRED microphones, if you are looking for dedicated wireless versions, those model numbers are listed below:

        Wired Versions of the BP892:
        - BP892 (black)
        - BP892-TH (beige)

        Wireless Versions of the BP892, connects to the following transmitters:
        - BP892cW* (Audio-Technica 4-Pin HRS Wireless Systems)
        - BP892cT5* (Lectrosonics wireless systems)
        - BP892cT4* (Shure wireless systems)
        - BP892cLM3* (Sennheiser 3.5mm wireless systems)
        - BP892cL4* (Sennheiser Lemo wireless systems)

        *All are available in a -TH version.

        If you have any further questions, please contact the Audio-Technica Audio Solutions Team at audio-solutions@atus.com .


        Answered on 1/3/2014 by AudioSolutionsSpec2 from Stow, OH
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