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Long recognized as a world leader in phonograph cartridge design and production, Audio-Technica offers a wide range of models to match turntable/tonearm requirements, performance levels and budget considerations.

Audio-Technica cartridges are designed with one of three mounting options (shown at left): the P-mount (plug-in), the half-inch (½") mount, or the universal mount.

A P-mount cartridge has four terminals at the back that simply plug in to the end of the tone arm. The cartridge is then secured to the tone arm with a single screw.

A Half-inch Mount cartridge also has four terminals at the back, but they are larger pins that connect to four individual wires at the end of the tone arm. The cartridge is secured to the tone arm�s headshell with two screws, spaced ½" apart.

An A-T Universal Mount model is a P-mount cartridge with an included half-inch adapter bracket. It is thus compatible with both P-mount and half-inch mount tone arms.