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Phono Preamplifier

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  • Overview
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  • Overview

    Connect your turntable to line-level devices. The AT-PEQ3 is an RIAA turntable preamplifier that is designed to convert a turntable’s phono-level output to an RIAA-equalized line-level signal for use with audio mixers, powered speakers, recording units, integrated amplifiers, computers, and other line-level devices.

    The RIAA preamp is a device that alters the signal from a turntable by applying an equalization curve and boosting the signal. When a record is cut, the low frequencies are reduced and high frequencies are boosted; on playback the opposite occurs (low frequencies are boosted and high frequencies are reduced). The RIAA filter in the AT-PEQ3 provides both the playback equalization and the signal amplification needed for line-level devices.

  • Features

    • Converts a turntable (phono-level) signal to an RIAA-equalized line-level signal for input to an audio mixer, computer, integrated amplifier, powered speakers, recording units or other line-level devices.

    • High-quality audio integrated circuits (IC) offer exceptional signal purity and low-noise operation.

    • Corrosion-resistant gold-plated RCA input and output connectors.

    • Compact, all-metal design for durability and isolation from radio frequency interference

    • Includes AC/DC 18-volt adapter.

    • Designed for turntables using a moving-magnet (MM) type cartridge; not for use with moving-coil (MC) type cartridges.