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UHF Antenna Distribution System

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  • Overview
  • Features

  • Overview

    The ATW-DA410 is a UHF (wide-band 470-990 MHz) active unity-gain diversity antenna distribution system that enables one pair of passive or active antennas to feed multiple wireless systems. The unit is equipped with two 1:4 active splitters, allowing each antenna (channels A and B) to connect to as many as four wireless receivers. A switch on the unit’s rear panel provides the option of supplying +12V DC to the antenna input jacks.

    The ATW-DA410 also includes a built-in 1:2 passive splitter/2:1 passive combiner for both channel A and channel B, giving users a convenient way to increase the number of outputs from a single antenna or to harness two antennas for input into a single channel.

    The ATW-DA410 is designed to maintain the high density performance of Audio-Technica’s 6000 Series wireless system, utilizing low-noise and low-distortion components that provide a high level of immunity to intermodulation distortion (IMD), for the use of 31 simultaneous channels within 4 MHz of bandwidth.

    The unit fits in a standard 19" rack space. It features all-metal construction with reinforced mounting ears and the capacity for rear rack mounting. The ATW-DA410 comes with an IEC power cable, 12 BNC cables and two BNC connectors.

  • Features

    • Provides antenna distribution for wireless systems operating in the 470-990 MHz range

    • Equipped with two “1-in, 4-out” channel splitters

    • A switch supplies +12V DC to antenna input jacks (for use with powered antennas)

    • Includes built-in 1:2 passive splitter/2:1 passive combiner for each channel

    • Maintains optimal IMD performance in high channel count applications

    • Includes an IEC power cable, 12 BNC cables and two BNC connectors

    • Overall System Specifications
      Frequency Range:470 to 990 MHz
      Impedance: 50 ohms
      Antenna Power Supply: +12V DC, max 200 mA
      Power: 120V AC (60 Hz)
      Operating Temperature Range: 5° C to 45° C (41° F to 113° F)
      Power Consumption: 10 W
      Dimensions: 482.0 mm (18.98") W x 43.0 mm (1.69") H x 361.0 mm (14.21") D, excluding protrusions
      Net Weight: 4.8 kg (10.58 lbs)
      Accessories Included: IEC power cable, 12 BNC cables and two BNC connectors

      1:4 Active Splitter Specifications
      Distribution: 1-in/4-out (BNC)
      System gam: 0 dB typ.

      1:2 Passive Splitter/2:1 Passive Combiner Specifications
      Splitter/Combiner: 1:2 (BNC)
      Insertion Loss: 4 dB typ.