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UHF Antenna Distribution System

U.S. Two-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    The AEW-DA660D has been discontinued. Please see the DISTRO4 Antenna Distribution System.

    UHF (655-680 MHz) active unity-gain antenna distribution system provides two "1-in, 4-out" RF channels; connects a pair of antennas to as many as four diversity receivers; cascade output provided as a directional coupler. AC pass-through allows daisy-chain AC hookup. Defeatable antenna power. Metal receiver chassis with reinforced mounting ears and rear rack mount capability. Includes detachable IEC power cable, IEC pass-through cable, ten RF cables, front-mount antenna cables and connectors, and four DC power cables. Mounts in a single 19" rack space.

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    AEW-DA550C/ AEW-DA660D Manual (pdf 210.41 KB)
    AEW-DA550C & AEW-DA660D Submittal Sheet (pdf 245.24 KB)
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    Are A-T AEW R4100 receivers and A-T M3 system compatible with these distribution systems and what would be the recommended antennas?


    You may use this filtered distortion amplifier with the 4000 Series wireless but not with the M3 IEM systems as: 1. The distribution amplifier is to feed a single pair of antenna to multiple receivers whereas a combiner (such as the MCB4) is used to combine multiple IEM transmitters to a single antenna. 2. This distortion amplifier is frequency filtered to the D Band frequency range.


    What is the typical power draw of this device in normal use?


    To receive an answer to your question, please contact the Audio-Technica United States (ATUS) Audio Solutions Team at: In the meantime, the specified power requirement is: 100 - 240v AC, 50/60 Hz, audio-adjusting, 500W Maximum (includes AC pass-through load). Thanks!


    In a pinch, can the cascade outputs of the AEW-DA660d be used for the RF feed to a 5th 4000-series receiver ??


    Yes, you may use the cascade output for a "5th" connection.


    Regarding the cascade feature, is it possible to cascade the signal from a ATW-A49 to AEW-DA660D through a AEW-DA550C or vice-versa? I have 18 channels of AEW-5000 & AEW-4000 rigs(HH & BP) but am considering buying a few of the ATW-A49 antennas for use when I have larger rentals. Thank you in advance. -Lee


    PLEASE REVIEW THE BELOW INFORMATION BOTH CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY! NOTE: There are strict limitations to cascading antenna distributions. Contact the Audio-Technica United States (ATUS) Audio-Solutions Team for specific instructions related to antenna distribution for any given wireless setup. - An ATW-DA49 can feed a DA550C, or a DA660D. - An AEW-DA660D can only feed another DA660D or a DA49, but cannot feed an AEW-DA550C. - An AEW-DA5500C can only feed another DA550C or a DA49, but cannot feed an AEW-DA660D. PLEASE NOTE THE BELOW IMPORTANT SETUP INFORMATION: - BECAUSE ANTENNA DISTRIBUTION IS SPECIALIZED, it is highly recommended that you contact the ATUS Audio Solutions Team regarding the setup regarding any advanced wireless setup (such as multi-system setup or antenna distribution), to ensure that you have the proper components, and that you are setting up your system properly. If the system is not setup properly, you will experience adverse results, as there are strict requirements for setting up any distribution or multiple wireless setup, no matter who the manufacturer of the wireless system is. Therefore, to be certain that you are properly configuring your Antenna Distribution System, or if you have any further questions or correspondence, please contact the Audio-Technica United States (ATUS) Audio Solutions Team and include your original question and this response, at: Thanks!


    We have the ATWda600, will the da660d work in a cascade type setting with our existing unit?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, you can link these although I would hang the ATW-DA600 off of the ATW-DA660D. The filters are a bit better on the current unit.


    Which antennas do you reccomend for this unit


    Thank you for your inquiry. The AEW-DA660D is designed for 600 MHz wireless systems, so either our wide band passive antenna (ATW-A49) or the powered antenna (ATW-64P) will work.