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Remote Mute Switch

U.S. Two-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    The ATW-RMS2 has been discontinued. Please see the ATW-RMS1.

    Audio-Technica’s streamlined, lightweight ATW-RMS2 remote mute switch allows you to mute your Audio-Technica wireless microphone quickly and easily during a presentation. The ATW-RMS2 features a push-button switch that provides audio muting with no annoying clicks or pops. The switch position can be felt while worn in a pocket or under vestments in a house-of-worship setting.

    Ideal for house-of-worship settings, as well as for use by public speakers and others who need the ability to remotely mute a wireless microphone, the ATW-RMS2 is designed to be installed between an Audio-Technica wireless microphone using a 4-pin HRS-type connector and its associated UniPak® body-back wireless transmitter.

    The ATW-RMS2 is supplied with a permanently attached 18” cable terminated with a 4-pin HRS-type connector that attaches to the input jack on a UniPak® transmitter. It features durable polycarbonate construction with a belt clip provided for ease of wear.

    • Lightweight remote mute switch for UniPak® transmitter

    • Audio muting with no audible clicks

    • Durable polycarbonate construction, ergonomic design

    • Install between a wireless mic (with 4-pin HRS-type connector) and UniPak® transmitter

    • Includes permanently attached 18” (0.46 m) cable and belt clip

    Installing the ATW-RMS2: Plug the ATW-RMS2’s HRS-type OUT connector into the UniPak® transmitter. Connect the microphone’s HRS-type connector to the MIC jack located on the ATW-RMS2.

    Using the ATW-RMS2: Turn on the wireless system and leave the transmitter in normal “on” mode. To unmute the microphone, depress the ATW-RMS2 switch button so that the switch button is down, even with the surface of the case. To mute the microphone, release the ATW-RMS2 switch button, so that the switch button is up and can be felt above the surface of the case. (Note: For Audio-Technica 3000, 4000 and 5000 Series transmitters, it is advisable to set the transmitter’s mute function to MUTELOCK. Refer to the transmitter’s instructions for setting this feature.)

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    ATW-RMS2 Submittal Sheet (pdf 131.15 KB)
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    To use this product I need a cable that is longer than the 18" supplied, or male and female connector specifications so I can purchase parts to make up an extension cable to extend your cable. Can you help me?


    To receive an answer to your question, please contact the Audio-Technica United States (ATUS) Audio Solutions Team at: Thanks!


    Physical size? My application would be to attach a switch such as this to a pastor's gown in a manner to overcome his concern that he has to paw around under his gown to find the transmitter (an ATW-T310BC). Right now he is unhappy enough to not want to use the wireless system. Have you solved any problems like this before? Or is there a more suitable product to overcome his concerns?


    It is roughly about half the size of the body pack transmitter. This would be an ideal solution for you!


    Ray This is exactly the type of application this switch was designed for. I use this for several pastors who had the same complaints yours did. I have one pastor that went to another church recently to speak and he took his switch with him in case they used AT gear. The only more suitable switch in my opinion is the ATW-rms1 it has a large switch on it so that the pastor can easily tell which position it is in.


    Button Action ATW-RMS2 Is the button a "Push to Talk" switch or is it a "Push On / Push Off" type of locking switch when it is pushed?


    The ATW-RMS2 Remote Mute Switch is a locking type switch. Mic audio is muted when the switch is up, and unmuted when the switch is down.