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UHF Antenna Distribution System

U.S. Two-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    The AEW-DA550C has been discontinued. Please see the DISTRO4 Antenna Distribution System.

    UHF (540-565 MHz) active unity-gain antenna distribution system provides two "1-in, 4-out" RF channels; connects a pair of antennas to as many as four diversity receivers; cascade output provided as a directional coupler. AC pass-through allows daisy-chain AC hookup. Defeatable antenna power. Metal receiver chassis with reinforced mounting ears and rear rack mount capability. Includes detachable IEC power cable, IEC pass-through cable, ten RF cables, front-mount antenna cables and connectors, and four DC power cables. Mounts in a single 19" rack space.

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    AEW-DA550C/ AEW-DA660D Manual (pdf 210.41 KB)
    AEW-DA550C & AEW-DA660D Submittal Sheet (pdf 245.24 KB)
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    I have 4 R4100's connected to the Antenna Out's on the AEW-DA550C. I have an R5200. Can i hook it up to the Cascade Out? Will it damage it? it seems to work, but the signal is lower.


    Thank you for your inquiry. That is fine.


    What are the manufacture specs for operating temperature range for the room it is in and humidity level range. Thank you!!


    The operating temperature range is 0 to 70 degrees Celsius. As far as humidity is concerned, no condensation should be allowed to collect in or on the device. Water will conduct electricity. This device is not intended for use in industrial or military applications.


    How many units can you cascade


    Thank you for your inquiry. You should connect no more the two to the first for a total of three.


    Can the AEW-DA550C be used with the 3000 series receivers?


    Yes. However, note that the AEW-DA550C covers the UHF 540-565 MHz bandwidth, which is the Audio-Technica C-Band. Therefore, the AEW-DA550C will work with 3000 Series in C-Band, and 4000/5000 Series in C-Band. If you have any further questions, or for any additional correspondence, please include your original question and this response, and contact the Audio-Technica United States (ATUS) Audio Solutions Team at: Thanks!


    Is the DA550C Cascade output filtered I have a DA550C and a DA49 distribution system. I also have an A49 antenna. If I connect the antenna to the DA550C and then connect it's cascade output to the DA49, is the DA550C Cascade output filtered to the frequency range of the DA550C or is the full bandwidth of the A49 antenna passed through the cascade output?


    The cascade output is filtered to the frequency range of the DA550C.


    Which antenna distribution system can be used with the 4000 series wireless?


    Thank you for your inquiry. The AEW-DA550C for the C band and the AEW-Da660D for the D band. The ATW-DA49 will work with either or both bands.


    When I set the receiver in the back with the sound board, the pastor's cordless mic drops out. When the receiver is at the pulpit, and the pastor come s to the back of the church, there are no issues with dropout. I would prefer the receiver be located at the sound board. I have a shure cordless microphone at the board that works fine. Do I need a different series microphone? Or do I need an antenna distribution system?


    Thank you for your inquiry. I suggest that you contact our Audio Solutions department at 330-686-2600 ext 5000 and they can help you trouble shoot this issue.