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3.5 mm to USB Audio Adapter

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  • Overview

    Turn any headphone, microphone or headset with 3.5 mm plug into a USB-compatible device. This 3.5 mm to USB audio adapter is equipped with microphone and headphones inputs, a mute button and volume control. It provides plug-in power for microphones that need power.

  • Features

    • 3.5 mm to USB 2.0 adapter with microphone and headphone inputs

    • Mute button & volume control; USB 2.0 full speed operation

    • Provides plug-in power for mics that need power

  • Downloads

    ATR2USB Manaul (pdf 154.04 KB)
    ATR2USB FCC DOC (pdf 164.04 KB)
  • Reviews

    needs work


    it always breaks so easy

    san jose, ca

    ATR2USB 3.5 mm to USB Audio Adapter

    4.0 1


  • Q & A

    Can I use this device to bypass my computer sound card output? Can I use the headphone jack to send audio to a stereo system for listening? I do no plan to use the input feature, so please let me know if you recommend a different product.


    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, you can do this.


    Does this work with Skype conference?


    You may use the ATR2USB adapter to connect audio devices to and from your computer for different applications such as Skype.


    I am using the adapter with a Sennheiser HQ gaming headset with mic (Game4one). The gain is not sufficient to power the mic as it is very low in volume and LED is green. It works with other lesser quality headset mics. Is this a common problem? Is there a fix? Thanks


    Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for assistance with this.


    I want to know that this product can get 2 channel mic inputs. is this product compatible with left/right distinguished microphone?


    Will this show as an independent audio device in Windows Playback Devices? Moreover, if you connect two of these devices, will it show as two connected devices? I would like to know because I am interested in connecting two speakers and having one as a "left" channel and the other as a "right" channel.


    Yes, the computer will identify as an external soundcard. Most computers will allow for one active soundcard at a time but you may consult with your computer manufacturer.


    Thank you for your inquiry. They should show up as in your control panel as a USB Audio Codec. You will not be able to use two of these at the same time. The driver will not allow this, at least to my knowledge.


    Hello, i just bought a Neewer NW-700 condenser microphone, and my computers audio port does not output enough power to power the microphone. It requires about 5V of power or so. Will this adapter provide enough power to, well, power my condenser microphone? Thanks!


    No. This adapter will provide Plug-In Power which is usually around 2.5v


    Does this product have direct monitoring? I.e. can you monitor the mic in real time without going through the computer?


    Thank you for your inquiry. This is not real time monitoring.


    Will this work with ASUS Cerberus Headset?


    Thank you for your inquiry. I am sorry to say that we have not tested this device.


    Hello, I own a piano keyboard and would like to record the actual sound from the keyboard directly to my laptop. Unfortunately my laptop does not have a separate microphone port. That said, would I be able to record the keyboard sounds assuming I connect the keyboard to the above USB Audio Adapter (microphone port) using a stereo 3.5mm audio cable? I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks.

    A Piano Newbie

    Please contact us directly at for the best help as there are a multitude of things to look at before we can decide if that will work for you!


    I have a 2016 Honda that does not have an aux port. Will the ATR2USB work so that I may use a Philips GoGear Ariaz MP3 player? If not, can you suggest an alternative?


    The ATR2USB is meant for connection to PC and Mac computers. It is not compatible with car stereos. To find out how to interface a media player and/or microphone with your car stereo, please contact the manufacturer of your car stereo and/or Philips. If you have any further questions, please contact the Audio-Technica United States (ATUS) Audio Solutions Team at: Thanks!