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Premium Microphone Cables (XLRF - XLRM)

U.S. Lifetime Limited Warranty

*Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Actual selling price may vary; please check with an authorized Audio-Technica dealer.

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  • Overview

    Audio-Technica Premium Microphone Cables are engineered for maximum signal transfer and minimum loss. Designed for low-impedance operation, these balanced cables feature heavy-duty construction and professional NeutrikŪ connectors. To protect signal quality, each conductor has an individual spiral shield inside the molded insulating sheath. A conductive PVC layer inside each shield dissipates static buildup during flexing.
  • Features

    • Dual copper outer shields and twin conductive PVC inner shields protect cable signal quality with 100% coverage

    • Professional NeutrikŪ connectors ensure superior signal integrity and outstanding strain relief

    • Heavy-duty PVC jacket stands up to tough use

    • Heavy-duty 24-gauge stranded copper conductors offer optimal signal transfer

    • Extra flexibility and low memory for ease of use/storage

  • Configurations

    XLRF - XLRM balanced microphone cable. 1.5' (0.5 m) length.
    XLRF - XLRM balanced microphone cable. 3' (0.9 m) length.
    XLRF - XLRM balanced microphone cable. 6' (1.8 m) length.
    XLRF - XLRM balanced microphone cable. 10' (3.0 m) length.
    XLRF - XLRM balanced microphone cable. 15' (4.6 m) length.
    XLRF - XLRM balanced microphone cable. 20' (6.1 m) length.
    90° XLRF - XLRM balanced microphone cable. 20' (6.1 m) length.
    XLRF - XLRM balanced microphone cable. 25' (7.6 m) length.
    XLRF - XLRM balanced microphone cable. 30' (9.1 m) length.
    XLRF - XLRM balanced microphone cable. 50' (15.2 m) length.
    XLRF - XLRM balanced microphone cable. 100' (30.5 m) length.
  • Reviews

    A good cable


    The connectors are quality, the cable appears to be good - it works. Audio cable is not brain surgery, and long life is mainly a function of the amount of abuse to which it is subject. It meets my needs and expectations, what more could I ask.



    stopped working in 3-4 months


    if audio technica had faith in their cables, they would offer at least a year of warranty

    austin, tx

    Quality cables you can feel good about...


    If you'd rather be out doing gigs and making things sound their best rather than stuck at your bench snorting solder - these are the cables for you! Nice cables which feel good in the hand, quality connectors, and no hassles! We've got too many of these to mention and they've given us no troubles for the past several years. I can't ask for better!

    Akron, OH, USA

    AT8314 Premium Microphone Cables (XLRF - XLRM)

    3.7 3


  • Q & A

    Are these XLR cables In-wall rated?


    No they are not.


    production year and the Neutric connetcors I purchased the AT8413 cables in January 2013 and received ones with the 2004 date. Did the seller send me an old outdated or discontinued stock? And I've noticed that the Neutrick connectors are not gold plated compared to the ones I already have; will this reduce the signal quality?


    Thank you for your inquiry. We changed to the new style "XX" Neutrik connectors earlier this year. I'm not sure where you got the date, but that is possible it could be the copyright date of the printed material. These do not have gold contacts.


    Does the AT8314 Premium Mic Cable use OFCC copper?


    Thank you for your question. The AT8314 does not use OFCC copper. Below are the specs for the cable. Signal Wires: Conductor: 20 strands of 36 AWG, .12mm diameter, .61mm nominal conductor diameter Material: Bare annealed copper Strand construction: Bunched Shield: Type, bare copper spiral shields, 48, 0.12mm diameter 95% minimum coverage