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Bulk Microphone Cable

U.S. Five-year Limited Warranty

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  • Overview

    100 meters (328') 2-conductor black microphone cable.
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    What is the outer diameter of the cable? trying to determine what brand / model of RCA connectors outer shells will fit over the cable...


    Thank you for your inquiry. The OD is 6.15 mm or 0.242 in.


    In the AT8300 which is the positive on the cable the white black or silver, and which goes into terminal 1,3,and 2


    Since the cable is bulk, you can really solder whichever way you want. It is common to use black as hot (pin 2), white as cold (pin 3), and silver as ground (pin 1.)


    Is it has warranty?


    Yes, it has a Five Year Limited End User Warranty.


    Capacitance spec? I've used this cable, AT8300/BLK, before with excellent results. I'm trying to compare the capacitance of this cable to others and haven't been able to find this spec. Can you give me the capacitance of this cable in pF/ft?


    Here are the specs on our bulk AT8300 cable. - Available in 100 Meter (328 ft) bulk rolls - 2 Conductor Groups of 24 gauge bunched stranded copper wires - Conductor groups are twisted for common mode noise rejection - Each group is insulated with conductive polyethylene insulation to dissipate static buildup - Each group is 100% covered with a copper spiral shield - Heavy-duty PVC outer jacket for durability - Extra flexible and low memory design allows cable to lie flat - Professional Neutrik brand XLR connectors for maximum signal transfer and excellent strain relief - Capacitance is 35 pF/meter (approx. 10.67 pF/ft) Thanks!


    I used to purchase Audio Technica part # P10760 bulk cable. Would AT8300 bulk cable be a substitute (same specs)?


    No it would not be. P10760 is unbalanced miniature microphone cable. The type that is typically permanently attached to a lavalier or hanging type microphone. AT8300 bulk is balanced standard size microphone cable that typically has standard size 3-pin XLR connectors on the ends.


    What are the specifications - AT8300 What are the mechanical and electrical specifications of product # AT8300/BLK Bulk Microphone Cable?


    Thank you for your inquiry. below is the information you requested. 2 conductor stranded bare copper wires, polyethelene insulated, copper shielded. Conductor 20 strands of 36 AWG/.12mm diameter, .61 nominal conducter diameter. Bare annealed copper Insulation .56mm wall thickness, polythylene