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  • Overview

    The AT120E/T has been discontinued and has been updated to the new model AT120Eb.

    Vector-Aligned Dual Magnet design and A-Tís exclusive Paratoroidal signal generator. .3 x .7 mil elliptical.

  • Specifications

    Frequency Response 15-25,000 Hz
    Channel Separation 29 (dB at 1 kHz)
    Vertical Tracking Force 1.0-1.8 grams
    Stylus Construction Nude round shank
    Recommended Load Impedance 47,000 ohms
    Output 5.0 (mV at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec)
    Channel Balance 1.0 dB (1 kHz)
    Stylus Shape 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical
    Cantilever Alloy tube
    Mount Half-inch
    Replacement Stylus ATN120E

  • Downloads

    A Guide to Phono Cartridges (pdf 669.29 KB)
  • Reviews

    Superb preformer, and a stunningly good value


    I don't think there's a better cartridge in its price range, and far above it! I have compared it to 2 of its competitors the Ortofon 2M Red, and the Shure M97XE, and the AT-120E beats them both in performance. It tracks better than either one of those 2, even the Shure known for its superb trackability, and sounds better than the Ortofon supossedly superior in its sound quality. The AT-120E with its nude minted elliptical stylus beats them both in the accuracy of its imaging, depth of bass extension and the liquiuity and transparency of its highs. I'm very pleased with this cartrtidge in particular, and with AT as a whole. My other cartridge is also an AT, a 440mla, and I'm surprised at how close this 120E is to that more expensive cartridge. Makes me think the AT has superior engineering and design capabilities than other manufacturers of phono cartridges, and as I look to the future for upgraded cartridge purchases I will seriously consider AT as my brand of choice

    Atlanta, GA, USA

    Great Sounding Affordable Cartridge For General Use


    First of all, this is not a high end cartridge, but it is a very fine general purpose cartridge that has a pleasing sound that is non fatiguing. As far as budget cartridges go, I have used many competitor's cartridges and still do on occasion, but always seem to come back to the AT120e, AT440MLa, and AT150MLX. The 120e is used on a backup turntable and not used all of the time, but generally when I feel like hearing something different. It has a very pleasing sound that isn't nearly as detailed as the 440MLa or 150MLX, but is very good for its price point. In comparison to the 440MLa, the cartridge is less clear, but has more warmth to the sound. It tracks very well for just being a .3x.7 elliptical, though on some records there is a very slight bit of inner groove distortion or occasionally sibilance. Most people would probably not notice it, but it does occasionally pop up depending on the record. The best selling point for this cartridge is performance vs. price. For a nude elliptical cut diamond (better than bonded) that tracks well and also has very good sound separation, I haven't found another cartridge quite as good as this one. If you are just buying a new turntable and want a simple and cheap cartridge then this is the one to get from my experience. Some other brands offer similar quality in sound, but are more expensive.

    Rogers, AR

    Excellent Cartridge


    Very easy to set up. Cartridge includes stylus, stylus brush and flat head screwdriver with 1/2 inch mounting hardware. Sounds excellent on my Technics SL-1300. Thanks, AT...Two thumbs way up !!!

    Jennings, LA

    AT120E/T Cartridge

    4.7 3


  • Q & A

    Audio-Technica AT120E what is the shelf life and hours that i can get?


    Thank you for your inquiry. We do not spec that as a measurement.


    Hi Would this cart fit a pioneer 200x? Thanks


    You may contact Audio-Technica Europe for further assistance.


    I just bought a Pioneer PL 41 and I have a new AT120E cartridge. My question is this pl 41 doesn't have anti skat, and the manual says tracking force should be between 2 and 3 grams. So would the AT120E still work with this TT ?


    Thank you for your inquiry. It should. Not all turntables have antiskate.


    Hi - I bought this cartridge in early 2015 and need to replace the stylus, but see it is discontinued. Can you recommend a replacement stylus so I don't have to buy the whole cartridge? Thanks!


    Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for assistance with this.


    How can I tell the difference looking at the AT120ET from the 120EB as some are saying that they still have the original AT120ET in stock but they look the same and both come with the brush and mini driver and accessories, The difference is the price, the Et being a lot more Thanks Jim

    jim d

    AT120Eb will be written on the flip-down stylus guard and the top of the cartridge. Other than this, it will be difficult to tell them apart visually. An AT120E/T will just have AT120E written on it. The "T" refers to the packaging type. An AT120E and an AT120E/T are the same cartridge.


    please let me know what the replacement model is for this cartridge and if it would be a good upgrade for the Rega RP1 turntable. Thank you, Larry Hoffman


    The current replacement stylus for the AT120E/T is the ATN120EB. If you have any further questions, please contact the Audio-Technica United States (ATUS) Audio Solutions Team at: Thanks!

    AT120E for Sony PS-X55? I have a Sony PS-X55 turntable that has an old AT100E cartridge and aftermarket stylus. Would the AT120E work on that TT? It has a low mass arm. Is there a better choice in AT carts?


    Yes, the AT120E/T should be a good match. According to the documentation for your turntable, the tone arm can accomodate cartridges weighing between 2.5 and 6.5 grams. I am assuming this is with the headshell that came with your turntable. The weight of the AT120E/T Cartrdige is 6.4 grams. For heavier cartridges, or if you are using a different headshell which is heavier than the supplied headshell, an additional weight that was provided with your turntable will need to be used.


    Absolutely, and don't get too hung up on arm mass, any phono cartridge will fit any arm made in the past several decades, pay attention to properly mounting the cartridge in the arm using an accurate protractor, make sure your tracking force is adequate, for the 120E 1.7 grams works well, and dial in your antiskating force to the same amount. the 120E is a superb cartridge and an outstanding value.


    Is this compatible with the AT-LP-120? is it hard to install?


    Thank you for your inquiry. That is very hard to answer since everyone has a different level of technical ability. For most folks, if they have the ability to use a screwdriver and follow the provided instructions it should not be too hard.


    Is AT120E/T compatible with RB301 arm on Regar P3 I'm asking this question because I had to return a competitive product because its height was too much, and there was not enough space between the needle and vinyl surface. Thank you in advance.


    We have found no reference made to the acceptable cartridge height for the Rega RB301 tone arm. The height of the 120E/T Cartridge is 17.3 mm. I believe the height of the RB300 arm, which the 301 has replaced, was adjusted by using shims. Is the RB301 not able to be shimmed? Not having enough space between a cartridge and the record could also be the result of too heavy a cartridge being used, the tracking force being set too heavy for the cartridge, or the compliance of the cartridge being too high (cantilever suspension is too soft) for the weight of the arm. The compliance of the 120E/T is 8 x 10-6 cm/Dyne @100 Hz. Although I have not been able to locate the specification for the acceptable cartridge weight range for the RB301 tone arm, I have been able to locate it for the RB300 arm. The cartridge weight range for the RB300 arm was 4 to 11 grams. I doubt the weight range for the new RB301 arm is much different, but I suggest making a call to Rega to confirm this. The weight of the AT120E/T is 6.2 grams. From a weight standpoint, the 120E/T should work fine.


    I am considering an AT120E cartridge for my turntable (Pioneer PL-41). Will this cartridge work on my table? It is the stock arm for the table.


    Thank you for your inquiry. The Pioneer PL-41 is a half inch mount so the AT120E will work with this turntable.