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Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge

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  • Overview

    This VM95 Series cartridge with 0.6 mil conical stylus fits half-inch mount turntables. The cartridge’s special coil design delivers a powerful output level of 4.0 mV. It also offers excellent channel separation and low distortion for outstanding tonal quality. The durable, low-resonance housing includes threaded inserts that enable the cartridge to be mounted to the headshell with just two screws – no nuts required. And since all VM95 Series share the same body, the stylus can be replaced with any of the six interchangeable AT-VMN95 replacement styli.

  • Features

    • VM95 Series dual magnet cartridge with 0.6 mil conical stylus

    • Aluminum cantilever

    • Specially wound coils increase output voltage

    • Durable low-resonance polymer housing

    • Threaded inserts in cartridge body enable cartridge to be mounted to headshell with just two screws – no nuts required

    • Compatible with any AT-VMN95 replacement stylus

  • Specifications

    Frequency Response 20-20,000 Hz
    Channel Separation 18 (dB at 1 kHz)
    Vertical Tracking Force 1.8-2.2 g (2.0 g standard)
    Stylus Construction Bonded round shank
    Recommended Load Impedance 47,000 ohms
    Output 4.0 mV (1 kHz, 5 cm/sec.)
    Channel Balance 2.5 dB (1 kHz)
    Stylus Shape 0.6 mil conical
    Cantilever Aluminum pipe
    Mount Half-inch
    Replacement Stylus AT-VMN95C

    Coil Impedance: 3.3 k ohms (1 kHz)
    DC Resistance: 485 ohms
    Load Capacitance: 100 to 200 pF
    Coil Inductance: 550 mH (1 kHz)
    Vertical Tracking Angle: 23°
    Dimensions: 17.2 mm (0.68") H × 18.9 mm (0.74") W × 28.3 mm (1.20") D
    Weight: 6.1 g (0.22 oz)
    Accessories Included: Two 11 mm installation screws, two 8 mm installation screws, two washers

  • Reviews

    Music listeners, and audiophiles with low budgets, BUY THIS!


    This is a lot of cartridge, for not a lot of money. This will sound superb, lively, and make music on any good average medium mass tonearm commonly found on today's turntables. Better than the old AT-95e, can be upgraded to amazing levels. A budget cartridge which sounds nice even on much better equipment than it's commonly seen on. An upgrade for many turntables. Better than budget has a right to sound. Clean bass, accurate midrange, nice sweet high treble without fatigue, plenty of detail. Musical. What budget audiophiles need, and even nice against many 3x as expensive options. Audio-Technica, you outdid yourself again. Made the AT-95e obsolete, and improved upon it even at the cheapest level, and gave Ortofon2M, and Nagaokas reason to be afraid. Keep up this relentless effort to improve phono playback for the budget customer. I repair turntables and tone arms, you'll be recommended to my clientele and all who ask about good for not a lot of money. A winner, folks!!!!



    AT-VM95C Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge

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  • Q & A

    Is this compatible with the AT-LP-120 USB turntable?


    Yes, the AT-VM95C cartridge may be used with the AT-LP120-USB turntable.


    I have an Technics SL-210 from the 70's and looking to replace the stylis/cartridge. Would this work for my turntable?


    It appears the turntable you listed allows for standard half inch mount cartridges. The AT-VM95 Series of cartridges are all half inch mount.