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Infrared Discussion System

|  U.S. Five-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • 4.2 kg (main body only)

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  • Overview

    The ATCS-60 infrared discussion system offers all the advantages of infrared communication complete with wireless transceiver microphone units. Wireless infrared technology provides the user with greater flexibility while configuring the system and freedom of choice when placing microphones. From intimate meetings to large boardrooms and events, the ATCS-60 will adapt to meet your needs.

    Additional features include four selectable channels for multi-language conferences and an automated camera function facilitating audio visual integration.

    The option of software control is also available, with the user able to adjust camera position, facilitate audio recording and adjust microphone settings from “Conference Manager” software. Tabletop delegate microphone stations can be now augmented with handheld and lavalier microphones for greater flexibility.

    Infrared technology keeps your information in your conference room
    In the 21st century, the control of information is a top priority. With the ATCS-60 conference system your wireless signal won’t leave the room, let alone reach another building. While typical UHF wireless systems broadcast right through walls, the ATCS-60 keeps your signals safe & secure, with no information leakage.

    Praised for flexible system configuration, intuitive operation, and selectable channels for multi-language groups, Audio-Technica’s innovative ATCS-60 is a natural choice for everything from large-scale conferences to intimate gatherings. Wherever your communications lead you, experience more.

    General Features

    Flexible and easy modify
    Microphone and camera settings can be controlled by a PC running the “Conference Manager” software. The upgradable structure of the system makes it easier to adapt your conference setup.

    Unit selection function
    By utilizing ID switch methodology, the ATCS-60 guarantees prompt and responsive unit selection.

    All finish function
    The chairperson’s unit has control to override all other units with the “all finish” function.

    Battery life indication
    When battery life is low, both the power LED and microphone LED will flash rapidly as a warning.

    Listening options
    Built-in speaker and headphone jack with personal volume control.

    Voice Detection
    The user can select automatic or manual mode. In the automatic mode, the microphone is turned on when spoken into and turned off when there is no voice. The holding time can be altered to cater to users’ needs. In manual mode, the simple operation of pressing the TALK (speech) button enables the on/off switching.

    Simultaneous interpretation
    Up to 4 separate channels for multi language meetings, making it possible to have one mother tongue and three additional translations.

    ATCS-60 System Components & Accessories List
    ATCS-C60a Master Control Unit
    ATCS-A60 IR Transmitter/Receiver
    ATCS-M60a Delegate Unit
    ATCS-60MIC Dedicated Microphone
    ATCS-L60MIC Dedicated Microphone (Long)
    ATCS-C60MAG-REG Software
    DMQ-60 Monaural Earphone
    ATCS-B60 Battery Charger
    LI-240 Lithium-ion Battery
    ATCS-D60 Distributor
    ATCS-V60 Voting Module
    ATIR-T88 Handheld IR Microphone
    ATIR-T85 Lavalier IR Microphone
  • Features

    ATCS-M60a: World standard model
    • Main feature: Equipped with automatic functions, no need to push button
    • Number of buttons: 1 Speech button (for asking and finishing)
    • Loudspeakers: (Loudspeakers ON during speech)
    • Number of monitors: 4ch
    • Earphone outputs: 1 (4ch selection type)

    • Automatic functions: Can be set to the manual mode at front of ATCS-C60a, and then set the threshold and holding time
    • Speech modes: Manual mode: “FIFO” and “LIFO” can be selected (at the front of ATCS-C60a)
    • Maximum simultaneous speakers: Five (free combination of the chairperson and participants)
    • Number of speech priorities: Up to 4 people (with special channel)
    • Number of speech demands: 10
    • Chairperson unit: Configured in ID001
    • All finish function: Chairperson unit (by pressing and holding the “TALK” button) and prohibiting speeches by others (by pressing the button)
    • Low battery indication: LED flashing

    • Battery: LI-240 lithium-ion battery of 2,400mAh
    • Standard operation time: Continuous speech—about 6 hours
    • Power saving mode: Signal reception status—about 10 hours
    • Charging time: About 5.5 hours
    • Corresponding charger: ATCS-B60
    • Corresponding IR transmitter/receiver unit: ATCS-A60 (Up to 16 sets can be configured with ATCS-D60)
    • Number of connected coaxial cables: 1
    • Category of microphones: Selection from ATCS-60MIC or ATCS-L60MIC (dedicated types)
    • Corresponding master control unit: ATCS-C60
    • PC control: Yes

    PC basic functions
    • Speech status display: Yes
    • Battery status display: Yes
    • Speech control: Automatic mode—Remote control impossible
      Manual mode—Remote control of speech / speech finish
    • Automatic function: (Switch with the manual mode) (Setting of threshold and detailed holding time)
    • Speech mode: Manual mode can be selected from “FIFO”, “LIFO” and ”chairperson priority”
    • All finish: Automatic mode—Remote control impossible
      Manual mode—Remote control possible
    • Screen layout: Microphone units can be freely configured in the screen
    • Individual volume setting: Yes
    • Individual volume holding: Yes
    • Overall volume setting: Yes
    • Overall volume holding: Yes
    • Individual threshold setting: Yes
    • Individual threshold holding: Yes

    PC multimedia functions
    • Remaining time display: Yes
    • Camera tracking: Yes
    • Audio/video recording: Yes
    • Conference playback: Yes
    • Conference minutes making: Yes
    • Grouping: Five groups for simultaneous interpretation

    • Noise or interruption may occur in the following cases. Please contact us for details. • Multiple infrared facilities, such as the simultaneous interpretation system and the listening system, are used within the same room. • Plasma display panels and lighting equipment emitting infrared rays (e.g., incandescent lamps and halogen lamps) are used. • When the IR transmitter/receiver unit or the conference units are directly subject to sunlight.
  • Components

    ATCS-C60a Master Control Unit
    ATCS-C60a Master Control Unit
    The 19" rackmountable ATCS-C60a can be configured to control functions including the number of delegate units with priority settings, select automatic or traditional “button press” modes, adjust threshold for automatic mode and output up to five separate audio channels via software. Includes: ATCS-C60MAG software.
    ATCS-A60 IR Transmitter/Receiver
    ATCS-A60 IR Transmitter/Receiver
    Wall- or ceiling-mounted transmitter/receiver connects to the master control unit via BNC coaxial cable. Use of separate ATCS-D60 distributor units allows up to sixteen ATCS-A60 transmitter/receivers to be used simultaneously to cover larger venues.
    ATCS-A60MX IR Transmitter/Receiver Mixer
    ATCS-A60MX IR Transmitter/Receiver Mixer
    IR transmitter/receiver operates in conjunction with the ATCSA60TX transmitting unit and ATCS-A60RX receiving unit. Designed to increase the operating range of the ATCS-60 infrared discussion system. The ATCS-A60MX transmitter/receiver mixer can drive up to four ATCS-A60TX transmitting units and four ATCS-A60RX receiving units; up to four transmitter/receiver mixers can be connected to the ATCS-C60 central unit, to allow for a maximum of sixteen transmitting units and receiving units to be employed in an installation.
    ATCS-A60TX IR Transmitter
    ATCS-A60TX IR Transmitter
    IR transmitting unit operates in conjunction with ATCS-A60MX transmitter/receiver mixer and ATCS-A60RX receiving unit. Transmitter and receiver units may be located directly next to one another, enabling easy mounting options. Equipped with a ¼" thread for mounting.
    ATCS-A60RX IR Receiver
    ATCS-A60RX IR Receiver
    IR receiving unit operates in conjunction with ATCS-A60MX transmitter/receiver mixer and ATCS-A60TX transmitting unit. Transmitter and receiver units may be located directly next to one another, enabling easy mounting options. Equipped with a ¼" thread for mounting.
    ATIR-T85 Lavalier Microphone
    ATIR-T85 Lavalier Microphone
    Designed for use with the ATCS-60 infrared discussion system. Up to three presenter microphones can be used simultaneously. Lightweight, compact. Tie clip allows easy attachment and direction-angle adjustment; transmitter clips to belt. High-quality condenser element. Operates using 2 AA alkaline batteries; three output settings (ECO, LO, and HI). Continuous operation in ECO mode is approximately 10 hours.
    ATIR-T88 Handheld Microphone
    ATIR-T88 Handheld Microphone
    Designed for use with the ATCS-60 infrared discussion system. Up to three presenter microphones can be used simultaneously. IR transmitting sections located in the upper and lower sections of the ATIR-T88 grip. High-quality condenser element. Operates using 2 AA alkaline batteries; three output settings (ECO, LO, and HI). Continuous operation in ECO mode is approximately 10 hours.
    ATCS-M60a Delegate Unit
    ATCS-M60a Delegate Unit
    Offers unique DSP voice detection, built-in loudspeaker, headphone output, 4-pin XLR-type connection for use with ATCS- 60MIC or ATCS-L60MIC, and four monitor channels to allow for multiple language translations.
    ATCS-60MIC Gooseneck Microphone
    ATCS-60MIC Gooseneck Microphone
    Double-gooseneck hypercardioid condenser microphone with 4-pin XLR-type connection to the ATCS-M60 delegate unit. 43 cm (16.92") overall length. (Exclusive to ATCS-60)
    ATCS-L60MIC Gooseneck Microphone - Long
    ATCS-L60MIC Gooseneck Microphone - Long
    Double-gooseneck hypercardioid condenser microphone with 4-pin XLR-type connection to the ATCS-M60 delegate unit. 58 cm (22.83") overall length. (Exclusive to ATCS-60)
    ATCS-C60MAG-REG Software
    ATCS-C60MAG-REG Software
    Allows complete control over all basic functions of the system including number of speakers, speaker order, individual volume, thresholds and audio routing for interpretation integration. Audio recording and minute taking are possible with this enhanced software – as is video recording, with programmability to allow cameras to follow the delegate unit currently in use.
    DMQ-60 Monaural Earphone
    DMQ-60 Monaural Earphone
    Designed for clear intelligible audio, a comfortable fit for either ear.
    ATCS-B60 Battery Charger
    ATCS-B60 Battery Charger
    Intelligent quick-charger has 10 individual advanced monitor sockets, taking only five-and-a-half hours for a full charge.
    LI-240 Lithium-ion Battery
    LI-240 Lithium-ion Battery
    Exclusively manufactured high specification battery especially designed for the ATCS-M60.
    ATCS-D60 Distributor
    ATCS-D60 Distributor
    Use these 1-in 2-out distributors to increase the number of BNC inputs into the master control unit from 4 inputs to as many as 16 antenna transceiver connections; ideal for covering a large transmission area.
    ATCS-V60 Modular Voting Unit
    ATCS-V60 Modular Voting Unit
    Modular voting unit with five-button configuration that offers versatile voting options. In addition to Yes/No and Yes/No/Abstain votes, the unit can be programmed to allow up to five options, useful when multiple candidates are standing for election. Up to 150 voters can be handled by an ATCS-60 system using ATCS-V60 modules. Requires the ATCS-60MAG-REG software.
  • Specifications

    Bandwidth1–10 MHz
    Modulation MethodFM modulation
    Infrared Data Communications9,600 bps
    Monitor Input(-10 dBV, unbalanced) 4 systems
    External Input 1(-10 dBV, unbalanced) 1 system
    External Input 2(-10 dBV, balanced) 1 system (-50 dBV, unbal.) 1 s
    Direct Output(-10 dBV, unbalanced) 5 systems
    Output 1(-10 dBV, unbalanced) 1 system
    Output 2(-10 dBV, balanced) 1 system
    Recording Output(-10 dBV, unbalanced) 2 systems
    Power SupplyAC 100–240V
    Weight4.2 kg (main body only)
    Accessories2 rack adapters, 6 rack adapter installation screws, 5 mini drivers, AC power cord
    Bandwidth1–10 MHz
    Number of ChannelsVoice 5 ch; monitor 4 ch; data 2 ch
    Modulation MethodFM modulation
    Infrared Data Communications9,600 bps
    Speaker Output8 Ω, 2W
    Headphone OutputØ 3.5 mm monaural mini-jack
    Power SupplyDedicated lithium-ion battery with 7.4 VDC, 2400 m
    Weight0.6 kg (microphone and battery excluded)
    Dimensions187 mm W,
    75.5 mm H,
    149 mm D
    Optional AccessoriesLI-240 lithium-ion battery, AC adapter
    ModelATCS-60MIC & ATCS-L60MIC Dedicated Microphones
    TypeFixed-charge back plate
    Polar PatternHypercardioid
    Frequency Response200–5,000 Hz
    Sensitivity(0 dB = 1V/ 1 pa, 1 kHz) -45 dB
    Max Input Sound Level100 dB S.P.L. (1 kHz, THD 1%)
    Signal to Noise Ratio(1 kHz, 1 pa) > 61 dB
    Output Impedance< 680 Ω, unbalanced
    FinishMatte black
    Weight115 g (ATCS-60MIC)

  • Downloads

    ATCS-60 Manual (pdf 9.15 M)
    ATIR-T88 & ATIR-T85 Manual (pdf 1.08 M)
    ATCS-60 IR System Submittal Sheet (pdf 203.25 KB)
    ATCS-60 Design Guide (pdf 9.27 M)
    ATCS-60 Literature Sheet (pdf 475.18 KB)