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AT4060: Under the Hood

AT4060: Under the Hood

  1. The 2-micron-thick, vapor-deposited gold diaphragms undergo a five-step aging process so that the optimum characteristics achieved remain constant over years of use

  2. Dual-diaphragm capsule design maintains precise cardioid pattern definition across the full frequency range of the microphone

  3. Precision-machined, nickel-plated brass, acoustic element baffle provides enhanced element stability and optimal sensitivity

  4. Open acoustical environment of the symmetrical housing assembly minimizes unwanted internal reflections

  5. Regulated and heavily filtered heater current prevents noise contamination of audio signal chain

  6. Hand-selected tubes are individually tested and aged to maintain peak performance

  7. Large coupling transformer provides superior low-frequency linearity

With a dynamic range that far exceeds that of other tube microphones, the AT4060 as easily captures the subtlest nuances of vocal and instrumental performance as it handles guitar cabinets and other extreme SPL environments. Featuring hand-selected, individually tested and aged tubes, the AT4060 achieves the coveted, classic sound of valve design without compromising the specification standards required for the most demanding recording situations.

AT4060 Specification Sheet (pdf 84.53 KB)

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