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U.S. Two-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    Power module only for AT831R, U853R(W), U853R(W)U, U857R(L), U857R(L)U.
    Phantom power only in-line power module, with bass roll-off, input on TA3M, output on integral XLRM 3-pin. Furnished with U853R, U857R, PRO35.
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    I see that back in 2016 someone asked about the recessed white button. As far as I can tell they never got an answer. Is there anyplace that I can find an answer? Thanks.


    The switch is a low roll off (aka high pass filter) switch.


    Is the AT-8538 Power Module compatible with the new ATM-350A Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone?


    The proper power module for the ATM350a models is the AT8543 available through


    Does it need a battery? Should I just connect a recorder to the XLR end to make recordings?


    The power module is not providing the power, but rather regulating the power. You will need to provide phantom power from the device you are plugging the microphone into. You may find additional helpful information here:


    Does the AT8358 power module wear out or go bad?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Any electronic component can experience service issues, although this has been a very stable product for us. Please contact our Turntable Service department at 330-686-2600 Ext. 5009. They would be happy to help you.


    What is the purpose of the recessed tiny white button on the side of this AT8538 Module?


    You may find helpful information here:


    Is this product compatible with the AT831c?


    Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for assistance with this.


    one of the three pins does not respond to a current flow test. can I, and if so, how do I get into the att8538 power module to troubleshoot the issue.


    For technical support, please contact the Audio-Technica United States (ATUS) Audio Solutions Team at: Thanks!


    One of our AT8538 is broken... I searched for a replacement, but seeing only 8539A. Is this the new replacement for that Phantom Power Module?


    Thank you for your inquiry. You may purchase a replacement AT8538 through an Authorized Audio-Technica Dealer.


    What is the purpose of the flat head screw on the side of the Module? I'm troubleshooting a possible problem with this product. Just trying to rule out possible causes.


    It is holding the XLR output connector in place.


    Use of AT831r with UniPak transmitter I've an AT831r with a AT8538 that I'd like to use with a UniPak: is there a converter that I can get which will replace the AT8538 and match the TA3 connector on the transducer with the HiRose socket on the transmitter? Thanks!


    We do not make a converter for doing this. You would be better off with the wireless version of the microphone, the AT831cW, for wireless use and adding our AT8539 Power Module to it if you need the ability to make the mic "wired" again. The AT831cW will have the female 4-pin Hirose connector needed to connect it to our UniPak model bodypack transmitters. The AT8539 Power Module input connector is the same type 4-pin connector that is on the transmitter. Like your current AT8538, the AT8539 Power Module has a standard 3-pin male XLR output connector and requires phantom power to operate.