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Midnight Blues

Make an Impact…Loud & Clear

Meet the industry standard in affordable vocal and instrument microphones: Audio-Technica’s Midnight Blues Series.

Midnight Blues’ all-metal construction says quality. But you have to hold these mics to feel the difference. Go ahead—take Midnight Blues for a test drive. We’ve engineered the velvety finish* for a secure, comfortable grip. Even more important, the ultra-soft-touch surface minimizes mechanical noise, so nothing comes between your sound and your audience.

Their high-output design says performance. But you have to hear these mics to get the message. Truly a standout in its class, Audio-Technica’s Midnight Blues Series is tuned to make an impact: clarifying the intensity of vocals, instruments and spoken words. High volumes come through without distortion—and even subtle nuances are clean and precise.

Distinctive styling sets Midnight Blues apart from all other mics in their class. But you have to see them to believe the difference. Their smoky, midnight blue stands out from the crowd. Sealed magnetic reed switches on all dynamic models are contoured to fit the mic’s sleek profile—and to feel right at home in your hand.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to cut through the mix and make a statement. Begin your journey with a smart-priced pro: Midnight Blues. Finally, your voice is out there. And you’re coming through loud and clear.

*Rubberized finish is standard on Midnight Blues models MB 2K, MB 3K and MB 4K