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Ultra Wideband (UWB) Technology

Audio-Technica’s SpectraPulse® Ultra Wideband wireless microphone system represents the first commercial sound implementation of Ultra Wideband technology, which has recently been licensed for commercial use by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Ultra Wideband technology allows the wireless transmission of data in extremely short-duration pulses over a wide spectrum of frequencies. Instead of utilizing conventional channels and carrier frequencies, UWB technology uses a series of short nano-second pulses which occupy an instantaneous bandwidth of 500 MHz within the 6 GHz frequency spectrum.

The signals, in precisely timed sequences, result in the reliable transmission of information near noise-floor levels. The “decoding” of these pulses requires the specialized technology incorporated into the SpectraPulse system – making SpectraPulse inherently secure and preventing signal interception by other wireless systems. For a higher level of security, Audio-Technica offers an optional encryption package that meets the NIST-approved (National Institute of Standards and Technology) AES 128-bit encryption standard developed by the U.S. government for securing sensitive material.

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