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Solid Bass® Headphones

Textured punchy bass with amazing impact

Audio-Technica’s Solid Bass models, the in-ear ATH-CKS1000, ATH-CKS99i, ATH-CKS99, ATH-CKS77BK, ATH-CKS55i & ATH-CKS55 and over-ear ATH-WS99, ATH-WS77, ATH-WS55i & ATH-WS55, offer incredibly powerful bass without compromising mid- and high-frequency content.

Solid Bass headphones are available at authorized retailers and online resellers including, Staples, FYE, and

Watch YouTube sensation Marquese Scott responding to the impact of Audio-Technica’s Solid Bass headphones in a surprisingly revitalizing way.

Solid Bass technology utilizes Audio-Technica’s innovative Double Air Chamber System. In addition to the main air chamber that houses the driver, the earpieces have an additional chamber that operates in conjunction with a specially shaped housing to control and focus the air flow produced by the driver movement and expand its bass output.

The earpads on the ATH-WS99, ATH-WS77, ATH-WS55 & ATH-WS55i over-ear headphones further enhance bass response by providing an acoustic seal, attenuating outside noise and preventing sound leakage. The ear tips of the ATH-CKS1000, ATH-CKS99i, ATH-CKS99, ATH-CKS77BK, ATH-CKS55i & ATH-CKS55 in-ear models are designed for maximum bass response, with a movable two-position post that lets wearers adjust the ear tips for the best fit, sound isolation and low-frequency performance. The ATH-CKS99i & ATH-CKS55i in-ear headphones and the ATH-WS55i Solid Bass over-ear headphones each offer an in-line three-button remote & mic that lets you control music playback and answer calls on compatible Apple devices.

For clear, musically natural sound quality with depth and detail, the Solid Bass over-ear models utilize large-diameter drivers and powerful rare-earth magnets to convey music with presence and impact. The in-ear models feature Audio-Technica’s advanced driver design for increased fidelity and dynamic impact.

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