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Why choose in-ear monitors?

Hear what you want. When you want. How you want.

Clarity is first among the many reasons to make the switch from traditional floor monitors to wireless in-ear monitor systems for live performance. Many musicians find that traditional floor monitors are not giving them the articulate sound they need; they either canít hear themselves clearly, or canít hear themselves at all when stage volume is loud. As a result, they may experience voice strain from singing at unsustainable levels in an attempt to be heard above the on-stage noise level.

Another sound issue often plays into the decision to switch to in-ear monitors: as traditional floor wedges contribute to rising noise levels on stage, many performers are troubled by feedback, and by an overall audience mix that is muddied by stage spill from the floor monitors.

Often, artists choose in-ear monitors because they want to control what they hear on stage, creating a personal mix thatís tailored for their best performance. Others turn to in-ear monitors to help control and limit exposure to high sound pressure levels for hearing conservation. Some are simply tired of lugging heavy and cumbersome monitor equipment to each gig.