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sound-reinforcement solutions

The first and still the best miniature condenser installed-sound microphones on the market, UniPoint sound-reinforcement solutions make speech and music clearly and comfortably audible, yet never draw attention to themselves or their operation. Regardless of acoustic constraints, they achieve maximum clarity and help overcome auditory distractions with natural, easy-to-listen-to sound.

Known for clear and transparent sound quality, UniPoint overhead microphones are ideal for speech, theater, orchestra and choir sound reinforcement and recording. With robust construction and unobtrusive appearance, these hanging mics offer sophisticated and versatile sound-reinforcement solutions.

UniPoint adjustable gooseneck microphones are the flexible choice for boardroom, school, government, house of worship and other installed applications worldwide. The mics feature distinctive styling and durable construction along with outstanding consistency, dependable performance and leading innovations in acoustic design.

On conference tables, in houses of worship, in theater applications and beyond, UniPoint boundary microphones are recognized for outstanding speech intelligibility, transparent sound quality and noise suppression. With superior off-axis rejection and maximum gain-before-feedback, these professional microphones set audio-quality standards in challenging acoustic environments.

Handheld UniPoint hypercardioid condenser microphones offer smooth, accurate audio reproduction for handheld and fixed-mount applications. The microphones’ special internal shock mounting eliminates virtually all handling and cable noise.