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Pro Series

Dependable. Professional. Versatile.

Audio-Technica’s Pro Series has a hard-working, time-tested microphone to meet every sound-reproduction and -reinforcement challenge. And every budget.

With state-of-the-art electronics and smooth, clear sound, the Pro Series has earned a reputation for professional quality at an incredibly reasonable price. This rugged, reliable line includes a wide range of dynamic and condenser microphones, handheld and specialty models, vocal and instrument, and more.

Each Pro Series microphone is the result of over 40 years of intensive research and testing, bringing the latest in electro-acoustic technology to sound reproduction and reinforcement.

Audio-Technica engineers sweat the details. They start early and stay late, consumed with such topics as banishing feedback, minimizing noise, and creating a microphone that can survive the realities of day-to-day use and still deliver precise, accurate reproduction every time. The result is the highest sonic quality and most durable design in its class. At a price you can afford.

Whether your plan to take it on the road or into the studio, choose the industry workhorse: Pro Series microphones from Audio-Technica, the pioneer in high-performance transducer design.