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A-T Educational Presentations at NAB 2011

April 11, 12 & 13 - NAB Booth C1717

10 – 10:30 AM
Microphone Techniques for Episodic Television and Features –
Fred Ginsburg

Microphone techniques and applications used for television, with a focus on multitrack recording.

  • Choosing the appropriate microphone

  • Hierarchy of microphone technique

  • Boom microphones & boom setup

  • Shock mounts & windscreens

  • Stereo vs. mono shotguns

  • Multitrack vs. two-track mixed audio

  • Single vs. dual system recording

11:30 AM - Noon
Microphone Techniques for Digital SLR (single lens reflex) Cameras –Fred Ginsburg / Steve Savanyu

Selecting and using microphones with DSLR cameras, including single vs. dual system recording.
  • Interfacing the mics to the camera (1/8” mini jack vs. XLR type inputs)

  • On-camera vs. off-camera mics

  • Single vs. dual system recording

  • Simple lavalier mic rigging

  • Mono vs. stereo mics

  • Setting up the camera gain (manual operation)

2 – 2:30 PM
Rigging Lavaliers and Wireless Microphones for Film and Video Production – Fred Ginsburg

Techniques for rigging and attaching lavalier microphones to actors.
  • Using mic clips vs. sticky tape method

  • Minimizing clothing noise

  • Proper location of the microphone

  • Dressing lavalier mic cable / broadcast loop

  • Alternate mic locations

  • Using radio mic transmitters and how to rig them

  • Minimizing effects of moisture, etc.

3:30 – 4:00 PM
SpectraPulse Wireless Technology for Broadcast Applications –
Mark Donovan

Using SpectraPulse Ultra Wideband technology in broadcast applications.
  • Avoiding the crowded RF environment

  • Increasing the number of wireless microphones in your broadcast studio

  • Reducing interference problems

  • Operating wireless systems with no frequency coordination required

Fred Ginsburg C.A.S. Ph.D. MBKS is an Emmy-winning Production Sound Mixer with over two decades experience in professional filmmaking and video. He has recorded production dialogue on feature motion pictures, episodic television, TV commercials, reality, documentary, corporate, government, and music videos.

Steve Savanyu, Audio-Technica Director of Educational Services, joined A-T in 2000. Steve has over 35 years’ experience in the audio production industry and is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE). He is also an adjunct professor at Kent State University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Mark Donovan CTS-D, CTS-I, Audio-Technica Sales Engineer – Installed Sound, has more than 20 years of experience in audio, engineering and management. He holds a Certified Technology Specialist designation for design and installation (CTS-D, CTS-I) with InfoComm International and is a member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES).

Special thanks to Canon, Tascam, and PreSonus.