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Compelling Audio at the Summer & Winter Games

Audio-Technica microphones donít miss any action at the Summer and Winter Games.

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Audio-Technica microphones donít miss any action at the Summer and Winter Games. Buried in sand pits, poised for shot-put action in the field, perched on a high bar, affixed to the lip of a track, braving sleet and snow for a ringside seat at a slalom runÖtheyíve done whatever it takes to deliver clear and compelling audio from all venues during the Athens 2004, Sydney 2000, and Atlanta 1996 Summer Games and Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Games.

A-T microphones and wireless systems are up to Olympic challenges because theyíve been engineered to meet the toughest demands of broadcasting high-profile sporting events. ďThe durability and dependability of A-T is well known in the industry, and our mics are recognized for being able to reproduce sound faithfully, with the highest consistency of reproduction from mic to mic,Ē says Michael Edwards, Audio-Technica Product Manager.

A large number of Audio-Technicaís shotgun microphones were selected for the Athens 2004 Summer Games for their crisp, intelligible audio reproduction and critical long-distance pickup. Additional A-T microphones supporting the audio setup: the highly directional AT895 adaptive-array mic, AT841 omni condenser boundary microphone, MT830 miniature omni condenser lavalier, AT831 miniature cardioid condenser lavalier, and the 5 mm AT899 subminiature omni lavalier. Audio-Technica wireless systems also figured prominently.