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Audio-Technica microphones rock Guitar Hero III

A-T is proud to be part of an elite rock & roll manufacturing group whose products make the gaming experience more true-to-life. With the October 28 release of Guitar Hero® III: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero fans are for the first time able to see virtual Audio-Technica gear throughout the game. Read an A-T exclusive interview with fabled Guitar Hero shredder, Axel Steel.

Axel Steel: “All our vocals shred because we use Audio-Technica.”

With the October 28 release of Guitar Hero® III: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero fans are for the first time able to see virtual A-T gear with in-game microphones from Audio-Technica.

Delivering the most authentic rock experience to date, the latest incarnation of Activision's incredibly popular game, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, is featuring some of the world's most influential musical instruments and equipment manufacturers.

As partners in the game, A-T had a rare opportunity to interview Guitar Hero shredder, Axel Steel:

Audio-Technica: How did you get into the game?
Axel Steel: Well, we started out playing in my mom’s basement – one night we played this killer set, I smashed my guitar into splinters and the old singer, Dan, set his mic on fire… that surprised him and he fell back into the drums, and when that happened the drummer fell into the sump pump and he was stuck down there folded up like a rock-n-roll taco for about 16 hours. So… after the paramedics and the fire trucks left we, uh, decided that we “shouldn’t” play in mom’s basement anymore. That’s when we got our big break in Guitar Hero®.

What heroes have influenced and inspired you?
Man – Zakk Wylde, Dave Mustaine, Jimmy Page, and of course Dimebag – you’re gone, but not forgotten brother.

Any advice for gamers looking to nail the toughest solos on a guitar controller?
It’s all about hammer-ons and pull-offs – oh and shorting out your amp – the solos always sound better when the amp is on fire.

What part does Audio-Technica play in getting your sound across?
All our vocals shred because we use Audio-Technica. They’re the only mics that can stand up to our singer’s intense wailing. The A-T wireless sounds smokin' on my guitar. Allows me to run all over stage without losing tone.

You’ve seen your share of humble souls morph into rock legends: any particular transformations stand out?
I like Lars’ new Viking get up. He looks totally rippin’ when he’s dressed like he’s gonna pillage your room for old 8 tracks and LP’s.

Favorite movies? Any other interests outside of music?
Dragonslayer, Krull, Red Dawn, Pumpkinhead, The Road Warrior.

How do you deal with groupies?
I love the fans! Rock and roll is nothing without screaming fans – rioting, breaking stuff, stage diving, moshing, and getting crazy! And now all you rockers out there can get your own groupies – play along with me, shred to your favorite tunes and go to to see how many groupies you can get!

Where were you born and raised?
I wasn’t born, I was hatched. Somewhere in the midwest… My family left me at a truckstop and I was raised by an old witch out in the woods.

You seem to play a lot of cover songs. Have you ever written any originals?
As with any great guitarist who loves to shred his axe – I’m working on a solo project right now.

Best idea for an album cover you haven’t made yet…
I don’t have the name yet, but it will probably have a wizard, wolves and a bat on the cover. Oh and a scorpion.

How does it feel being responsible for so many bleary-eyed kids being late for school; and for that matter so many adults being late for work?
Feels great! Can’t think of anything better than breaking folks out of their daily grind … and nothing sticks it to the man like playing your music at 11 and letting loose with a little Head-Crushing Rock and Roll madness!

Rumor has it that you’ve been romantically linked with members of the Guitar Hero III staff. Care to comment?
Dude! What kind of question is that? I consider myself a very private dude who keeps his private life under wraps.

Yeah. She’s totally hot.

You’ve played a central role in Guitar Hero games. What does the future hold for Axel Steel?
Well we, the band, and I had this concept of doing our own solo albums – and we’re thinking that like each album can be themed to us individually… maybe have our faces on the cover… like in a set. But that’s just something we’re throwing around… no one’s ever done that before so it’s risky territory.

Does the phrase “five multi-colored notes” mean anything to you?
Yeah… it means SHRED OR DIE! October 28th!