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The reviews are in on Audio-Technica’s AT4080 and AT4081 Bidirectional Ribbon Microphones.

AT4080 & AT4081 Bidirectional Ribbon Microphones

The reviews are in on Audio-Technica’s AT4080 and AT4081 Ribbon Microphones:

DownBeat March 2010:
“These are gorgeous mics.”

FOH Magazine June 2010
“From the recording perspective, [the AT4080] may well be one of the top mics I’ve ever heard. If you need an amazing large ribbon mic for your studio, look no further than the AT4080. If you’re after a ribbon mic that will make your guitars scream onstage, get yourself an AT4081.”

Mix August 2010
“The 4080 is a marvelous microphone.”

Tape Op July/August 2010
“I’m loving the AT4080 and AT4081 – enough so that I purchased the review units.”

Pro Audio Review July 2010
“These ribbons aren’t sissies! These ribbons will rock and take sonic abuse, opening up a new world of appropriate ribbon mic applications.”

Recording January 2011
“This is the first really new kind of microphone I have seen in a long time . . . It’s neutral and clean but yet mellow, and that’s a very useful tool to have in your mic locker.” May 2010
“The AT4080 yielded great results on just about everything I tested it on.”

Pro Sound News August 2010
“The prices seem to define them as mid-level ribbons, but their performances clearly have them nipping at the heels of all the top-shelf ribbons.”

Premier Guitar November 2010
"[The AT4081] is capable of taking on massive SPLs and is built like a Sherman tank – it will easily handle the heat of rock 'n' roll."

Electronic Musician June 2010
“Remarkable ribbons … Highly recommended.”