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Los Lonely Boys joins ranks of Audio-Technica artist endorsers

Rising stars make no compromises on sound quality,
bringing A-T out on the road for consistently flawless performances

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The Garza brothers—Henry on guitar, Jojo on bass, and Ringo on drums—of the blues-rock sensation Los Lonely Boys have been making music together since they were kids playing as their dad’s backup band in a tiny West Texas town. Along the way, they’ve impressed critics, fans, and musical greats like Willie Nelson who invited the band to record their self-titled debut album (now double platinum) at his Pedernales Studios. To ensure their sound on tour lives up to the energy and virtuosity of their performances, Los Lonely Boys has recently partnered with Audio-Technica microphones.

“A-T microphones are amazing and true,” says Bobby Filarowicz, the Monitor Mixer on the road with Los Lonely Boys. Filarowicz discovered long ago that Audio-Technica mics make his job easier and his bands sound better: “I’ll take one vocal microphone, like the AEW-T5400, and listen through the cue wedge. I might have to make a slight adjustment with EQ. The A-T microphones sound great flat and give me an accurate picture of what the band on stage is hearing.”

‘Incredible gain before feedback’
Filarowicz, who has used Audio-Technica microphones for several years with Vallejo, has three A-T AEW-T5400 handheld transmitters for Los Lonely Boys' vocal harmonies, which he uses with the acclaimed Artist Elite® 5000 Series Wireless System. An AE2500 dual-element microphone is used on the kick drum. Three Artist Elite AE3000 condenser mics are on the snare top and floor toms, while AE5100 condensers are used for the snare bottom, high-hat and ride cymbals. Five of the renowned AT4050 multi-pattern condensers are on the guitar amplifiers (3) and drum overheads (2). The ATM35 clip-on condensers are on the rack toms and high Leslie position, with an ATM25 on the Leslie low.

“The gain before feedback performance of all of the microphones is incredible, which also makes my job easier and the band’s onstage sound better,” Filarowicz says.

‘No drop-outs & total reliability’
The most unique application of Audio-Technica microphone systems on this tour is how Filarowicz and bassist Jojo Garza have integrated the A-T Artist Elite 4000 Series Wireless System into the bass guitar itself.

“Right now, we have it so that there are no cables running from the bass to Jojo,” Filarowicz explains, adding: “Jojo takes off the bass strap during the show and plays the bass one-handed in the air. It’s a great visual effect and very dramatic, and the Audio-Technica wireless system makes it possible: no drop-outs, total reliability and light weight.”