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“Fantastic-sounding headphones. Period.”

From the chief engineer at Capitol Studios to multi-GRAMMY® winning producers …everybody’s talking about Audio-Technica’s flagship ATH-M50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones.

A-T’s flagship ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones deliver the whole truth: natural response through the entire frequency range–no little white lies smudging out or hyping sounds along the way. Since their introduction in January ’07, they’ve acquired quite a following. Listen in…

"A-T has raised the bar once again, this time with the new M50 headphones, and this time they've raised it quite a bit. Already these phones are by far the favorite in our studio."

George Massenburg — GRAMMY®-winning engineer & producer

“Is there anything less glamorous to talk about in the studio than headphones? Ok…apart from mic stands. Well, not any more. In fact, based on the comments of artists I’ve had try the ATH-M50 headphone, it’s the most exciting thing to come along in years. Yeah, I know…tube gear is great, and that new pre you just got is amazing. But think about this…the performance of your artist has a lot more to do with the mix they hear in the headphones than some vintage channel strip you just spent three grand on. Artists who have for years had to tolerate low-quality headphones for high-volume use simply don’t have to compromise anymore. These are fantastic-sounding headphones, period. There just isn’t anything better you can do for your artist than to give them a pair of these.”

Frank Filipetti — GRAMMY®-winning mixer and producer

“I tried these phones on a few major artists and they all said, ‘WOW these are great.’ We use these phones on all our vocalists.”

Al Schmitt — GRAMMY®-winning recording engineer and producer

“Although I have tried, I've never felt comfortable mixing or referencing my mixes using headphones. They have usually been too hypy, bright, bassy...and uncomfortable on my head and hot on my ears. I would try, but would only get frustrated and confused and sometimes would just not bother. Since I got my ATH-M50 headphones, I have actually enjoyed mixing and referencing with headphones. My M50 headphones are now an integral part of my process....they absolutely translate with my speakers, but most importantly, they translate to the outside world. With so many music lovers around the world listening through their headphones to iPods, and other personal portable players, it is now more important than ever to know what your work is going to sound like in the real world; with my ATH-M50 headphones, I am more confident than ever that my work will be heard the way I intended it to be heard.”

Ed Cherney — GRAMMY® and TEC award-winning producer/engineer

"The M50's seem to be winning hands-down. Everyone that's heard them won't give them back."

Tom Schlum — Chief Engineer | Capitol Studios

“I am listening to a track right now on the plane through the ATH-M50's. Pretty amazing, the bass depth, even with the ambient noise of a 737 jet engine. Bodes well for recording drums and bass in a one-room studio.”

Ian Moore — Singer/songwriter

I've gotten used to [other industry-standard headphones]. After A-B'ing them with the ATH-M50, I found much richer bass in the A-T phones, and truer mids through highs. …Please convey my congrats to the technical staff on these fine headphones. They are a welcome addition to my studio.”

David Cole — Recording engineer