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SonicFuel¢ç Wireless Over-ear Headphones

U.S. One-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    The ATH-S700BT offers clear, full-bodied audio reproduction with Bluetooth¢ç wireless operation. The headphones are equipped with a mic, and music and volume controls, allowing you to easily answer calls, adjust volume and handle playback (play, pause, fast-forward and rewind) of music and video on compatible smartphones and other portable devices. The headphones remember up to eight devices and automatically connect with the last paired device. A 1.2 m (3.9') smartphone cable with mic and controls is also included to provide a standard wired connection that can be used in areas where Bluetooth wireless use is prohibited or when battery power is low.

    The headphones feature 40 mm drivers for powerful sound and efficient signal transfer. The housings are designed with an acoustic chamber that¡¯s separate from the electronics in order to maximize driver performance. And the audio is given an additional boost from the high-quality, built-in headphone amplifier.

    The ATH-S700BT is equipped with an internal lithium polymer rechargeable battery that provides six hours of continuous use and up to 200 hours in standby mode. A 1.0 m (3.3') USB charging cable is included.

    *The Bluetooth¢ç word mark and logos are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Audio-Technica Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
  • Features

    • Bluetooth wireless technology with mic and music & volume controls built into the earcup for answering/ending calls, controlling music & video playback and controlling volume on Bluetooth wireless devices

    • Remembers up to eight devices and automatically connects with the last paired device
    • Housings contain an acoustic chamber that¡¯s separate from the electronics and helps to maximize driver performance

    • 40 mm drivers for outstanding sound quality

    • Built-in headphone amplifier ensures clear and accurate sound reproduction from the wireless signal

    • Soft, memory foam earpads provide a comfortable fit with outstanding sound isolation

    • Smooth, easily adjustable headband slider ensures a comfortable fit

    • Headphones fold flat for easy transport

    • Internal battery provides six hours of continuous use (200 hours on standby) on a full charge

    • 1.2 m (3.9') cable with mic/controls provides a wired connection for when wireless operation is prohibited (e.g., in airplanes or hospitals) or when battery power is low

    • Includes 1.0 m (3.3') USB charging cable

  • Specifications

    TypeClosed-back Dynamic
    Driver Diameter40 mm
    Frequency Response20 – 24,000 Hz
    Maximum Input Power3.5 mm (¨û") stereo mini-jack
    Sensitivity100 dB/mW
    Impedance34 ohms
    BatteryDC3.7 V lithium polymer rechargeable battery
    Battery Life6 hours continuous use (200 hours standby)
    Charging Time: Approx. 3 hours (for 0-100% charge)
    Weight195 g (without cord)
    Cable1.2 m (3.9') with 3.5 mm stereo mini-plug
    Accessories Included1.0 m (3.3') USB charging cable, pouch
    Type (Microphone)Condenser
    Sensitivity (Microphone)-44 dB (1V/Pa at 1 kHz)
    Frequency Response (Microphone)50 – 4,000 Hz
    Polar Pattern (Microphone)Omnidirectional

    Communication System: Bluetooth Version 3.0+EDR
    Output: Bluetooth Specification Power Class 2
    Maximum Communication Range: Line of sight - approx. 10 m
    Compatible Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP

  • Downloads

    ATH-S700BT (pdf 3.46 M)
  • Reviews

    Good set, but has issues.


    Everything is fine, but the real problem is the cord. It's weak and the durability really needs some enforcement. The length of the cord is fine because you won't be using it other than music on your phone/PC, unless you're doing actual Studio works.

    Saint Paul, Minnesota


    Impulse Buy Results


    Bought at the airport for a 4 hour flight using the cable to connect to my iPhone. Better sounding than stock earphones and significantly muted ambient noise too.





    It is exactly what I was looking for to pair with TV. You can turn off TV audio completely and still turn up the headphones making this perfect where I live. They are super comfortable for hours of movie time.



    Great Cans


    Seriously great headphones. They fit comfortably and are really lightweight and have really nice sound. Comparing these to my brother's m50x's, the sound quality is just a scoche under the m50, and that may be strictly because of blue tooth. Comfort wise between the two, they are very similar around the ears. I actually prefer these cans because of the weight. If I make any jerky movements with the m50s they want to roll off of my head. With these, they are rock steady no matter what I do. Alot of people think the construction looks cheesy or is built poorly, but I'm not under that supposition. I think they look pretty decent and if you take proper care of them, should last a while. Only downsides I can see is the button can be a little stiff and tricky to get right, and the battery life lives up to its claims of six hours. Wish it would last a little longer

    Butte MT


    Overall, great headphones!


    Just one con, i had them in a backpack for not even a day, and the button got a little stiff :/ it still works, but I just have to push the button a little harder when i am trying to connect or something.

    USA / NC


    Their Q&A team doesn't seem to know the products.


    I asked prior to purchase if they can be used while charging and was told no. This info is not entirely correct. They cannot be used while charing via the Bluetooth function but if you plug the in-line audio jack to your phone and headphones they can still be used. This is somewhat restricting but does allow you to still use them while charging.



    These headphones are perfect. Search is finally over!


    I found my headphones. Premium audio, very comfortable. This in my opinion would be a brilliant purchase cost to value. My advice before you finalize on a logo driven unbalanced pair of headphones is to put on a pair of Audio Techs and experience them.

    Gilbert Arizona


    ATH-M50's wireless brother


    Great pair of headphones. Clear highs, crisp lows, everything you expect from a pair of Audio Technica's. The construction is a little plastic-y, but after a considerate amount of daily use (9 months or so) there have only been a few niggling issues (leather surrounding pad detached - easy fix, power button is stuck but still works). Definitely worth for the price.







    ATH-S700BT SonicFuel® Wireless Over-ear Headphones

    4.8 9


  • Q & A

    Pairing these headphones with an Audio-Technica turntable...Is it possible?


    Yes, you may pair the ATH-S700BT to the AT-LP60-BT model turntable.


    Is a case available for this product? If not an original Audio Technica case can you recommend a compatible case?


    No, there is no case available from Audio-Technica.


    how do I pair the unit with a smart TV


    You may refer to page 7 and 8 in the manual. Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for additional assistance with this.


    Hi Do you have any headphone model with Bluetooth connectivity, microphone and a microphone mute button? in other words, I want to take part in a conference call, be able to walk out of the computer and turn on my mic only when i want to say sth.


    No we do not.




    Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for assistance with this.


    My brainwazz has been damaged how to change it help me


    Thank you for your inquiry. This site is designed to answer questions for the Americas. Please see the below link to find the Audio-Technica office responsible for your part of the globe. They will be happy to help.


    Are they over ear or on ear style




    Is there a place where I could buy a replacement cable for the wired connection?


    Please contact our Parts Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5002 or at for assistance with this.


    Does it have decent external noise insulation on the street and in shopping centers / shopping malls ?


    As one of the main variables in passive noise cancelling (isolation) is based on the fit and tightness of the headphones on your head, it will vary from person to person. I recommend trying them out for yourself and see if they will best suit your needs.


    I have a pair of ATH-M30 and a bit ago upgraded to ATH-M40X's. I would like to add a pair of bluetooth Headphones to my arsenal as a wireless solution to the M40X. Would this pair be comparable to the M40X in sound quality? I understand that there is inherent degradation due to the wireless connection, but will they be close?


    Each set of headphones will have a different sound signature and I would recommend trying the headphones out for yourself and see if they will best suit your needs.