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  • Overview

    2015 Best Headphones of the Year Award Winner from and USA Today
    "Audio-Technica’s new flagship consumer headphones, the ATH-MSR7, have hit this balance of form and function right on the head." -*

    Springing from Audio-Technica’s rich heritage in professional audio, the ATH-MSR7 Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones are designed to reproduce Hi-Res Audio, allowing users to hear music the way it was intended. The over-ear headphones are outfitted with exclusive 45 mm True Motion Drivers, which utilize lightweight voice coils, a custom-mounted printed circuit board and specially designed diaphragm to improve transient response and minimize sound distortion for rich, detailed audio reproduction.

    The ATH-MSR7 headphones also feature multi-layered air damping technology for extended mid-to-low frequency response. The housings, designed to “mirror” the full shape of the ear, are constructed of an aluminum/magnesium mix, layered to provide a lightweight, rigid structure that reduces unwanted resonance. Three precisely placed vents within these layers work to control air flow and improve dynamics.

    The over-ear headphones’ highly flexible swivel design, with soft, memory foam earpads and headband ensure lasting comfort even during the longest listening sessions. And with three detachable cables (standard 1.2 m (3.9') and 3.0 m (9.8') cables, plus a 1.2 m (3.9') cable with in-line controls and microphone for compatible smartphones and other devices) the ATH-MSR7 can provide Hi-Res Audio anywhere you go.

    The ATH-MSR7 is available in black (ATH-MSR7BK) and gun-metal grey (ATH-MSR7GM).

    Find out what the reviews are saying about the ATH-MSR7 Winner of the 2015 Best Headphones of the Year from and USA Today*
    Sound and Vision Magazine Audio Technica ATH MSR7 Headphones Review: "Hi-Res" Moderate Price
    InnerFidelity The Incisive Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 user twister6 High Resolution audio in Style!!!
    Trusted Reviews Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 review

    *Reprinted with permission. Copyright 2015, a division of USA Today. All Rights Reserved.

    About High-Resolution Audio
    In Brief: The Move to Hi-Res Audio
    While many listeners may believe that high-resolution audio came along with the introduction of the Compact Disc in 1982, constraints on the disc’s storage space always prevented CD audio (standardized at 44.1 kHz/16-bit) from fully and completely reproducing the original recorded sound. The advent and subsequent popularity of MP3s only made this problem more pronounced – the necessary compression of these files causes audio information to be lost, thus greatly reducing the audio quality. But with lossless audio file formats, faster Internet speeds, and storage space increasingly easy to come by (and in ever-smaller packages), the push is on to create audio equipment capable of capturing and reproducing true Hi-Res Audio, generally considered to be 96 kHz/24-bit or better. The Hi-Res Audio logo certifies that a product meets the Hi-Res Audio standards. Per these standards, headphones must have transducer frequency performance to at least 40 kHz. As a producer of these types of audiophile headphones since 1972, Audio-Technica is well-positioned to provide audio solutions that meet the demands of Hi-Res Audio media formats, allowing for the full reproduction of their extended sonic characteristics.
  • Features

    • Newly designed 45 mm True Motion Drivers deliver Hi-Res Audio reproduction

    • Multi-layer Air Damping Technology comprised of a layered aluminum/magnesium housing and triple-vent system reduces unwanted vibration and controls air stream for high audio clarity

    • Ultra-comfortable, soft, memory foam earpads and headband

    • Three detachable cables: standard 1.2 m (3.9') and 3.0 m (9.8') cables, plus 1.2 m (3.9') smartphone-compatible cable with in-line controls & mic

    • Stainless steel acoustic mesh resistor provides improved high-frequency response, while bass acoustic resistor delivers accurate low-frequency response

    • Includes carrying case

    • Available in black (ATH-MSR7BK) and gun-metal grey (ATH-MSR7GM)
  • Specifications

    Driver Diameter45 mm
    Frequency Response5-40,000 Hz
    Maximum Input Power2,000 mW
    Sensitivity100 dB/mW
    Impedance35 ohms
    Weight290 g
    CableDetachable 1.2 m (3.9') standard cable, detachable 3.0 m (9.8') standard cable, detachable 1.2 m (3.9') cable with in-line controls and microphone for smartphones
    Connector3.5 mm gold-plated stereo mini plug, L-shaped
    Accessories IncludedProtective pouch
    Type (Microphone)Condenser
    Frequency Response (Microphone)50 - 4,000 Hz
    Polar Pattern (Microphone)Omnidirectional

  • Reviews

    Great set of cans but the headband needs to be wider


    I primarily use these for gaming and wanted something that would let me hear the sounds and music in game as the developer intended them to be heard. Highs are crisp, vocals are clear while the lows are punchy but not boosted or distorted in any way so they are a very well balanced. Since I have a lot of background noise where I live, I went with the closed back design. My only regret is that they released the noise cancelling version a couple months after I purchased these. Big pro is that the cord is not fixed so you can remove it and use something else in case it gets damaged but be warned that not all plugs will fit due to the recessed plug design. The only design flaw that I can point out is after 3-4 hours of gaming the narrow headband design starts to apply a lot of pressure at the very top of my head which becomes very uncomfortable. You will see reviews online about how comfortable they are but you never see them wearing them for the review for more than 30 minutes. Invest in buying a third party headband cushion to widen to top and to give it even more cushioning so it can disperse the pressure evenly. Other than that, it's almost a perfect set of cans for me.



    Really good


    Bass, treble and detail of every instrument are really good for hard rock and heavy metal.



    Sony Take Note......this crush my Sony Headphones


    i hear a lots of noise about these Headphones so i took a chance .. well the sound is Outstanding.....they just Blow my Sony Out ....if you want Clear Sound this is it.

    London UK


    Great Upgrade from ATH-M50


    I can't say much. Just trust the 5.0 rating. You won't be disappointed.



    Outstanding Headphone!


    I trust Audio-Technica to design, and manufacture a high quality product, and boy, did they deliver with these! Truly superb sound reproduction, with no frequency range being accentuated over others. Very balanced sound with classical, jazz, rock, metal, country music. Very comfortable once you break them in. I have a 7 3/4 hat size, so when I first wore the headphones, they squeezed the side of my skull with a firm pressure. After approximately 30 hours of use, they feel great! If you have a smaller head than mine, you shouldn't have the same problem. A very classy looking headphone, they look expensive! (okay, they aren't cheap!) You get three detachable cords with it, the smartphone one works fine with my HTC One M9 phone. I listen to a lot of Hi-Res music, and they sound great! If you are looking for a headphone with balanced sound, great looks, and don't want to spend $500, I highly recommend these! Rock On! Audio-Technica, you make great products, I still have my ATH-909's from the 80's, and they still sound great!

    Victoria, BC, Canada


    Amazing sound and quality


    The headphones are amazing!! The sound quality and comfort is way beyond what I hope for in earphones. Look really smart too.

    Shropshire UK


    No Buyer's Remorse


    I'm listening to them as I write this and they are amazing. They've handled every music genre I have thrown at them with grace. Like others have said, they are not for bass lovers. That being said though, the bass comes through naturally and it sounds so good. Once they are on, noise isolation is OK. With music off, they are so-so. Funny, I laughed at the other reviewer that said he felt that the noise was amplified with these headphones. But, he's not far off. Not saying they amplify the noise. But the muffled sounds feel more present. To me anyway. And apparently to the other reviewer. I have a big head and I don't feel the clamping pressure others have mentioned. I've worn them right out of the box for an hr+ and they fit good. Ear cups could be a little deeper, but nothing some aftermarket parts can't fix. I have the black set and they look as good as they sound. Solid construction. Great trim coloring. Just overall A+ attention to designing these headphones. It comes with 3 cables and a lame bag. And that's where the 4 star review comes in. At this price point and considering they are labeled as portable, Audio-Technica needs to mean it and include a case. No excuse around it. It's just annoying to have that bag. It serves its purpose at home. But that's about it. Out and about, the superb headphones will definitely get beaten up. And why Audio-Technica, why?! Why design such nice headsets with awesome color schemes and not protect them?! Other than my annoyance Haha, great purchase. Wait for a sale as they sometimes drop 20$-30$. You'll need that to buy a case for these darn things (OK I'm done talking about the case. *think happy thoughts*). The sound is amazing. They look amazing. You won't regret the purchase. ... Except no case. :P

    Orange County, CA


    Excellent Sound - a bargain


    I had the M50 for years - have 2 of the msr7 - it is absolutely excellent in sound and comfort



    ATH-MSR7GM Over-Ear High-Resolution Headphones

    4.8 8


  • Q & A

    Is there an optional cable to 1/4" to support a lot of pro gear.


    There is not.


    hello. are the pads and head-band made off " Fake leather " or real. I am vegan and avoid products containing leather, Thank you in advance


    The Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 Headphones are not made with any animal byproducts; the earpads are not leather. The earpads we use are made with a vinyl-based or polyurethane-based material that we refer to as leatherette. Please note that we no longer use protein leather in any of our products. This was a companywide directive issued by Headquarters Quality Assurance Department in 2010.


    In have the ATH-MSR7GM and absolutely love them. I was wondering if there was a bluetooth adapter similar to the one for the ATH-M50X? Thanks!


    Audio-Technica does not manufacture a Bluetooth adapter for the ATH-M50x headphones but you may use a third party one that will work with your headphones.


    As a person who doesn't know much about audio would these be a good set to introduce me to it? Hopefully I'll hear a difference. I planned on purchasing a good set of headphones along with a good quality audio player and a high fidelity audio streaming service.


    Since sound is subjective, I always recommend trying them out for yourself and see if they will best suit your needs. I will say, these are my favorite pair of headphones.


    The cord that connects these headphones to my iPod got cut in half. Can you please tell me what cord (jack) I need to buy to replace it? I do not require a mic. Thanks!


    Thank you for your inquiry. You may contact our Parts Department at or call (330) 686-2600 ext 5002. to inquire about a replacement if you are located in the US.

    I was wondering if there are any leather-free options for these headphones?




    Will a decent amp improve the sound quality of this on iPhone and a Laptop? Thanks!


    Thank you for your inquiry. That would depend upon the quality of the amp.


    Does in line control include song skipping on android phonws


    Thank you for your inquiry. That depends upon what music application you are using. With the stock music player it does, some others it does not.


    I would be using these headphones with a laptop computer that has a good speaker/volume control. Would the headphone volume then be adjusted using my laptop volume control?


    Yes, the volume control on your source (laptop) would be the control.


    Wich DAC can I use with tis headphones? I want something under 300. Thanks.


    The "ideal" impedance matching is to have the headphones have 8x the impedance of the source. This means with an impedance of 35 ohms, the ideal source should be around 4.5 ohms. A DAC is not needed.