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SonicSport In-ear Headphones

U.S. Two-Year Limited End-User Warranty

*Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Actual selling price may vary; please check with an authorized Audio-Technica dealer.

  • in ear headphones with ear hook

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  • Overview

    Designed especially for active use, the ATH-CKP200 Sonic Sport in-ear headphones have a hinged ear hook that adjusts around the ears to provide custom comfort for any wearer. Featuring high-quality drivers for clear, detailed and dynamic sound, the headphones come with both standard silicone and newly designed ridged XS/S/M and L eartips to provide a choice of greater sound isolation or allowing in a low amount of ambient sound for greater safety outdoors. The headphones have IPX5 Waterproof Certification* that allows them to be washed after use. They come with a cord clip and 2 ft. (0.6 m) extension cord.

    *IEC rating “IPX5” (“Washable”). The headphone may be washed using running water (not completely waterproof).
  • Features

    • Ideal for active use, jogging, sports

    • Top-tier sound quality from pro audio leaders

    • Lab tested and certified IPX5* waterproof rating allows headphones to be washed after use

    • Hinged clip-on ear loop design adjusts to the contours of your ears for custom comfort

    • Asymmetrical cable design keeps cable out of the way and helps prevent tangles

    • Housing features an oval rubber ring for extra-comfortable ergonomic fit within the ear

    • Included XS/S/M/L interchangeable ear tips for sound isolation, and newly designed ridged ear tips that allow ambient traffic noise for safer use outdoors

    • Offered in: black (ATH-CKP200BK); red (ATH-CKP200RD); blue (ATH-CKP200BL) and white (ATH-CKP200WH)

    *IEC rating “IPX5” (“Washable”). The headphone may be washed using running water (not completely waterproof).
  • Specifications

    Driver Diameter8.5 mm
    Frequency Response20 - 23,000 Hz
    Maximum Input Power200 mW
    Sensitivity100 dB/mW
    Impedance16 ohms
    Weight9 g
    Cable0.6 m (2'), U-type
    Connector3.5 mm (1/8") mini-stereo
    Accessories IncludedEar tips (XS/S/M/L), ridged ear tips (S/M/L), 0.6 m (2') extension cord, cord clip

  • Reviews

    I am buying a new pair


    For running, these have been great. I've tried other options and always come back to these for comfort and ease of use. The only reason I'm buys a new pair is that after 8 years, the rubber ear fitting on one ear broke. I still used them, but now that one doesn't stay in well.

    Cleveland, OH


    No better than a $5 pair of gas station headphones...


    For this price point, these are EASILY the worst headphones I have ever purchased. The frequency response listed is EXTREMELY deceptive. If they are truly rated down to 20Hz then it must be at a +/-12dB margin of error. To my ear, I am hearing nothing lower than 100Hz. The amount of distortion produced at even a medium listening level is unbearable. I have owned a few pairs of studio headphones from AT which I love. I figured since my past experience with the brand was good, I would try out their earbuds for casual listening. This model must be made by a different factory with a much lower standard for quality control. I don't understand how AT could allow these headphones to be produced under their brand name.



    For being active, a waste of money. Would not recommend.


    Good sound quality when just sitting. But as these are marketed as 'active' headphones, I would expect better in that category. To me these are uncomfortable, poor fitting, and come out of my ear almost immediately after I start a run. I tried all the eartips and none of them worked. They slide out of my ear so that I can still hear the highs and treble, but no low-end or bass. Poorly designed in my opinion.



    Horrible Sound Quality


    This set of in-ear headphones have terrible sound quality. Almost no base, just upper end treble. No fidelity, no quality. It looks good and fancy, it seems durable with better quality wire. So lots has gone into design and marketing, but very little into what really matters - the QUALITY of the sound. Also because of its unique cord design and ear loops the wires get tangled up much more than usual. I tried to reach tech support or warranty, but found no telephone # to call. Will be returning the headset from the store that I bought from. I expected more from Audio-Technica as I thought they are known for sound quality.

    Los Angeles, CA


    Finicky fit, good sound


    Fit is key for good sound quality for IEMs. Unfortunately, that is where I have my problem with them. The over ear design is good, and does help to an extent, but I have a problem getting (even the smallest size) ear tips to stay in my ears...your experience will likely differ, but small-ish ears take warn. (I'll give AT extra points for the variety of tips included: 4 sizes, 2 styles) I was forced to go through my collection of other tips to get a good fit. Once I did, I was rewarded with a pair of good sounding headphones. I'd categorize them as a "V" shaped sound signature. Good bass, not the tightest, but very satisfying, especially for this price range. the mids were not as recessed as many bass enhanced headphones are, which was a pleasant surprise. The highs did pass into sibilance with lesser quality recordings, but often enough during workouts (which these were obviously made for) It didn't bother me. I only had an issue during critical listening. overall, especially when the price is taken into account, these are a solid headphone, provided you can get a good seal.

    Montgomery, NY 12549, USA

    Amazing Durbility


    I found my ATH-CKP200 SonicSport In-ear Headphones to be an excellent choice for my business, travel and personal needs. They are compact, light, and provide good sound quaility when used with my mobile phone. They are the most comfortable ear phones I have found in this price range AND the round the ear design KEEPS them in place! On top of all that these headphones were accidentally put through an entire washing machine cycle and they STILL WORK. Amazing durability.

    Aurora, CO, USA

    ATH-CKP200 SonicSport In-ear Headphones

    3.0 6


  • Q & A

    Does the earpiece have a control to change volume, skip/repeat tracks, etc.?


    No, but the ATH-CKP200iS headphones do have a universal in-line mic and controls allow you to answer/end calls, control music and adjust volume.


    I purchased a pair of headphones 3 months back and the left ear piece broke. Is there a warranty that I can use to get another pair? The headphones still function but the left ear piece broke so it does not keep its shape neither does it stay in my ear.


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact our Service Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5003 or at for assistance with this.