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U.S. Two-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    Designed with the serious gamer in mind, the ATH-PG1 gaming headset delivers wonderfully immersive audio and long-lasting comfort that puts you in the game and lets you stay there as long as you want. Large 44 mm drivers provide powerful, lively sound specially tuned to accentuate all the sonic detail of the gaming environment. The closed-back headset is constructed of lightweight materials and features soft headband and earpads, allowing you to play on without fatigue.

    The ATH-PG1 also comes equipped with a flexible, 6" boom microphone for crystal-clear in-game voice communication with other gamers. This mic, with 1.2 m cable and in-line volume and mute control, can be detached and replaced with a 1.2 m smartphone cable, which includes its own mic and portable-device controller. An additional 2.0 m extension cable terminating in two 3.5 mm mini plugs for mic and audio works with either of the 1.2 m cables to provide increased flexibility when gaming on a computer.

    The 1.2 m smartphone cable lets you transform this gaming headset into any everyday pair of on-the-go headphones, perfect for answering calls and controlling audio and video on smartphones and other portable devices.

    Compatible with PS4, iPad, iPhone, laptops & PC. Also compatible with Xbox One using the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter found at
  • Features

    • Large-diameter 44 mm drivers are specially tuned to provide lively, in-the-game sound

    • High max input: 1,300mW

    • State-of-the-art, flexible boom microphone, with mute and volume control, provides crystal-clear in-game voice communication

    • Detachable smartphone cable with inline mic and controls allows the headset to function as a great pair of on-the-go headphones

    • Strong, lightweight construction with ultra-comfortable headband and earpads enable extended gaming sessions

    • Three detachable cables: 1.2 m boom mic cable, 1.2 m smartphone cable and 2.0 m extension cable

    Compatible with PS4, iPad, iPhone, laptops & PC. Also compatible with Xbox One using the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter found at
  • Specifications

    TypeClosed-back dynamic
    Driver Diameter44 mm
    Frequency Response20 – 20,000 Hz
    Maximum Input Power1,300 mW
    Sensitivity96 dB/mW
    Impedance38 ohms
    Weight245 g (without cord)
    CableThree detachable cables: 1.2 m boom mic cable, 1.2 m smartphone cable and 2.0 m extension cable
    Connector3.5 mm (1/8") gold-plated mini stereo, L-type
    Accessories Included2.0 m (6.6') extension cable with two 3.5 mm (1/8") gold-plated mini stereo plugs
    Type (Microphone)Condenser
    Sensitivity (Microphone)-40 dB (0dB=1V/Pa, 1kHz)
    Frequency Response (Microphone)100 – 10,000 Hz
    Polar Pattern (Microphone)Omnidirectional

  • Reviews

    ATH-PG1 Premium Gaming Headset


    great everything really one problem tho my friends say they can hear everything coming from the headset through the mic.

    BC CA


    Very versatile, a little bit unconfortable


    A very good headset but there are more reliable options in its price range.

    Cavite, Philippines


    This is awesome. Used it for everything... Except gaming.


    I love these headphones, as headphones, but as far as headphones go they could be better. (Like the ATH-M50's) The mic is awesome! I can hear all the little sounds my mouth makes. (Which is not good if you're a heavy breather, heh heh) The duel cords is not only NOT confusing (for me,) but I also appreciate it, to be able to use outdoors! I clicked the "cord too short" option only because I'm 6'5" and it could be an inch or two longer. If you're average height you should be fine. But I love how the cord isn't ridiculously long like the M50's, so I can use it outside of my home without looking obnoxious. Also... I don't know if it's my specific pair, or what, but... my Mute button doesn't seem to work. Like... at all. So beware if you love your mute buttons. My least favorite part about these headphones is the lack of console support... I got these for the main purpose of gaming, but it seems you can only use it for PC, and PS4 (which I don't have, yet) so you can see how limited I feel when I get gaming headphones and cant use it for gaming, right? I mean... I suppose I could use it with my 3DS, but... Theres not many games that support chat on there, if any at all! What I HAVE been using it for is regular headphones, and also with Skyping with my friends on my iPhone. (And also Karaoke) but... All that stuff os on my iPhone... So... Still not much versatility. As much as that annoys me, I genuinely enjoy these headphones, overall. Would recommend. I just really wish they weren't as expensive as they are.

    L.A. County, California


    Great sound period!


    I have been using these headphones for about a month now and they sound wonderful. I use them when I am gaming on my PC, watching Netflix or games on my PS4, and also listening to music on my MP3 player. They sound clear and all levels of bass, mids, and highs are harmonized really well. When I am playing COD Advanced Warfare, I can hear more bullets around me and footsteps as well. I have not used the Boom MIC that comes with the PG1 yet, but I have been complimented on the clarity of my voice when I use my smartphone and the supplied smartphone cable that comes with the PG1. I also own the ATH M50x headphones and comparing the two... I would say the PG1 has a wider soundstage and does let in more exterior sound. The ATH M50x is more concentrated and isolating compared to the PG1. It is well worth the money and I would buy it again.


    ATH-PG1 Premium Gaming Headset

    4.3 4


  • Q & A

    So i have had this headset for about 2 months, and so far its great but i have managed to let my cat get a hold of the phone one, and i just broke the gaming cord on accidentally. Is there any way i can just buy those?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact our Parts Department at 330-686-2600 ext. 5002. They would be happy to help you.


    Can I use it in an Android phone?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes these are compatible with Android.


    Is there a micro phone mute button when the headset is worn wirelessly? Where can I see this product on display so I might try it on and get my other questions answered?


    Thank you fro your inquiry. This is not a wireless headset,


    Is the cable detachable at the headset so that I can use my own cat proof TRRS 3.5mm double male cable?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes they are detachable.


    Can these be used for Xbox one?


    Thank you for your inquiry. These are compatible with PS4, iPad, iPhone, laptops & PC. Also compatible with Xbox One using the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter found at


    Is there a replacement cord for this headset made by audio technica?


    Please contact our Parts Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5002 or at for assistance with this if you are located in the US. If outside of the US, you may refer to your nearest Audio-Technica Region.


    Is it On-Ear or Over-Ear?


    The ATH-PG1 are considered On-Ear but as each person's body is different, the fit may differ between people.


    Where can I order a replacement cable? I have a brand new set but ran over the cable with my chair and now the microphone does not work at all.


    Please contact our Parts Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5002 or at for assistance with this.


    Can the mic portion be purchased separately to be used with Audio Technica ATH‑ANC7b?


    Thank you for your inquiry. No, that is not an option.


    Will this headset work for my ps4?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes this will work for PS4.