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Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones

U.S. Two-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    Hear the depth of bass youíve been missing in your music. The ATH-WS70 Solid-Bass headphones deliver incredibly full and textured bass, along with the astonishing clarity and fidelity for which Audio-Technica is renowned. A-Tís innovative Dual Chamber Mechanism extends bass response without compromising mid- and high-frequency content. Precision machined aluminum housing eliminates undesired vibrations for powerful sound reproduction.
  • Features

    • Solid Bass System with newly developed Double Air Chamber System delivers impressive bass

    • Precision machined aluminum housing for increased rigidity; eliminates undesired vibrations for powerful sound reproduction

    • Soft insulating ear pads prevent background noise for a more enjoyable, impactful listening experience

    • Smooth, easily adjustable headband slider ensures a comfortable fit

    • 40 mm drivers reproduce powerful sound

    • Foldable headphones are easy to store and carry

  • Specifications

    TypeClosed-back Dynamic
    Driver Diameter40 mm
    Frequency Response10 - 25,000 Hz
    Maximum Input Power1,000 mW
    Sensitivity100 dB/mW
    Impedance47 ohms
    Weight230 g
    Cable1.2 m Y-type
    Connector3.5 mm L-type, mini-stereo, gold-plated

  • Reviews

    Great look and durabilty but average sound.


    This is my first pair of AT headphones, and I must say I really dig the look and the external quality. Love the all black over the ear brushed metal look. Unfortunately, that's probably the best part about them. When I put them on the first thing I noticed was how tight they were! I even asked my 13 year old daughter to try them and she said the same thing. I went for a walk, and in about 20 minutes in I started to get a headache. Then, of course, I wanted to test the bass....I was very disappointed. The sound was very clear and loud, but the bass seemed liked average headphones. Another thing that bothered me was how short the cord was and how easily it got tangled up. I have had a pair of Beats By Dre, which is double the price, and I immediately wanted those instead. Bottom line: They are a pricey pair of average sounding headphones with a great look.

    Oakland, CA, USA

    Great headphones


    The sound quality in mid, high and lows is incredible. The bass is powerful and clean. The only problem is that they can be uncomfortable after a few hours. Incredible quality for money. You are defiantly only paying for audio quality unlike certain other brands.

    Sydney NSW, Australia



    After searching for a pair of headphones that not only looked nice, but sounded incredible as well, I stumbled upon Audio-Technica's site. It wasn't long before I came across these, and after reading a review (the only review about this particular pair, at the time), I decided to see how much they ran for. $149 isn't terrible in the least, as a decent pair of quality headphones in today's market will set you back $200+, easily. So, I bought these. Within seven days, I had my new metallic headphones, and ever since, I've loved them to death. There's some incredible bass in these, as well as a beautiful range capacity. The trebble and middle classes come in crystal clear, without any distortion. Durable, stylish, and audibly stunning, these headphones will please any audiophile. As a bonus, they pack up well, too. I highly recommend these.

    United States

    great headphones!


    buy these headphones! they have amazing bass, especially for the price! better than my friends 200+ dollar beats by dre! plus the aluminum housing and metal parts make it very durable and its really hard to scratch them. and since they have a tight fit on your head when you wear them, they wont fall of when you head bang or look down.

    round lake beach illinois


    4.5 4


  • Q & A

    How does it compare to the ATH-M50 (mids & bass)? I am currently torn between the two. I'm looking for a pair of fun, portable, closed back headphones. I've tried the M50s out and quite liked them, however I wished they'd had a bit more oomph in the bass department. I also prefer the styling of the WS70s, however I can't find anywhere to test them out in London. Thanks Aaron


    If a bit more oomph in the bass is what you are after, I believe the ATH-PRO700MK2 is more worthy of considerstion. It is more comparable to the ATH-M50 in terms of overall sound quality than is the WS70.


    What case to buy for ATH-WS70? I bought these for my son and I would like to get a hard shell case to protect them when he throws them in his backpack. Hard to tell which one would fit. Any recommendations?


    Thank you for your inquiry. We do not make a case for these headphones.


    sound quality i have noticed with all of my non audio technica headphones that after a while i can hear a faint crackling noise when low bass comes in, do you know why? i do not want that to happen to these if i do purchase them.


    That could be due to a bad cable or connector, and could be either the headphones or the audio output device. Although Audio-Technica products have excellent build quality, a cable can go bad (especially if the cable is abused). If you decide to purchase and you ever have an issue with the Audio-Technica headphones, please contact the ATUS Service Department at:


    How is the bass compared to beats I was looking for the best deal on great bass and found these and want to know how they compare to beats


    Thank you for your question and for your interest in our Solid Bass Headphones. This is a difficult question to answer since everyone's taste for bass response is different. Here at Audio-Technica we typically strive for balanced audio, that is, in the Solid Bass headhpones you will probably find that while there is a solid, punchy bass response you will still be able to hear the nuances of the highs and mids. The Solid Bass product line is comprised of headphones that have a double air chamber system that natrually expands the bass without sacrificing the highs and mids. In my opinion, with the Beats you may find you get over hyped bass with mids and highs that underperform or are lacking.


    is there any way i can buy different ear pads? i have read a lot of reviews and everyone was complaining about not thick enough ear pads, i was wondering if there was a way i could buy thicker ear pads, maybe even custom made from some 3rd party.


    Thank you for your inquiry. I do not know of any third party vendors that make other earpads that will work with these headphones.


    Heavy Deep Bass!? Ok...Every headphone out there has this so called "deep bass!...And every headphones has failed!...I would like to know for sure before I purchase another headphone just to collect dust!..How is this comparing it tours Dr Dre Beats which to me is weak when it comes to bass & the Bose Acoustic weak bass! Just tired of all the hype!...I know Technica is very good & a known brand


    well the bass is epic these are defiantly the bassiest headphones i have tried i do know they are Way better then anything that beats have :P i don't know if it will be as high as your expectations because i have not tried every headphone in the world but it is very deep


    Do the ATH-WS70 Solid Bass Over-ear headphones leak music sounds? Just wanted to know do they leak music say if the volume is 50 - 70(example) percent volume would they leak music or the leaking of music has no effect on the headphones no matter how high the volume to 0-100 percent volume.and im only going to use the head phones on my imac or ipod.


    Thank you for your inquiry. All headphones will leak sound. The amount depends upon how loud you play them.


    How do these professionally compare to Beats By Dre Solo HD headphones? Is there better quality or what exactly. I'm curious because of the price variations and sound quality difference.


    With Beats, you are paying for overhauled marketing. AT is quality.


    No question about it: Audio Technica has the best sound quality in the business and the other audio company you are mentioning doesn't even compare to Audio Technica. Audio Technica is worth what you are going to pay.


    Is there a difference between these and the ATH-WS55?


    Thank you for you inquiry. The ATH-W55 has a slightly lower top end, the impedance is lower and they weigh much less. The over design is different as well.