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Professional Monitor Headphones

U.S. Two-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    Pure. Professional. Performance.

    The M-Series ATH-M40x professional monitor headphones are tuned flat for incredibly accurate audio monitoring across an extended frequency range. Your studio experience is enhanced with superior sound isolation and swiveling earcups for convenient one-ear monitoring. Engineered with pro-grade materials and robust construction, the M40x excels in professional studio tracking and mixing, as well as DJ monitoring.

    More About the M-Series Headphones
    Critically acclaimed M-Series professional monitor headphones deliver accurate audio and outstanding comfort, perfect for long sessions in the studio and on the go. Contoured earcups seal tight for excellent sound isolation, with minimal bleed. And the pro-grade materials are durable, yet comfortable. Find out why online reviewers, top audio engineers, and cult followers agree, M-Series is an unmatched combination of audio and build-quality that gets the job done. Hour after hour, year after year.

  • Features

    • Cutting-edge engineering and robust construction

    • 40 mm drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils

    • Tuned flat for incredibly accurate sound monitoring across the entire frequency range

    • Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments

    • 90 swiveling earcups for easy, one-ear monitoring

    • Professional-grade earpad and headband material delivers more durability and comfort

    • Collapsible for space-saving portability

    • Detachable cable (includes 1.2 m - 3.0 m coiled cable and 3.0 m straight cable)

    • For professional studio tracking and mixing, as well as DJ monitoring
  • Specifications

    TypeClosed-back dynamic
    Driver Diameter40 mm
    Voice CoilCCAW (Copper-clad aluminum wire)
    Frequency Response15 - 24,000 Hz
    Maximum Input Power1,600 mW at 1 kHz
    Sensitivity98 dB
    Impedance35 ohms
    Weight240 g (8.5 oz), without cable and connector
    CableIncludes two interchangeable cables: detachable 1.2 m - 3.0 m (3.9' - 9.8') coiled cable and detachable 3.0 m (9.8') straight cable
    Accessories IncludedProtective carrying pouch, 6.3 mm (1/4") screw-on adapter

  • Downloads

    M-Series Headphones Brochure (pdf 3.11 M)
    Studio Headphones Microsite
  • Reviews

    I would buy this for a friend!!!!


    Things that are great about it 1. They are extremely comfortable 2. Durability 3. Foldable Things that are bad about it is 1. It comes with only 2 cables

    Boynton Beach,Florida


    Great sound, great value


    I use it for casual music listening and gaming, tested it out with Deezer Flac while it was avaiable and it held up great. Sound is flat and can be tuned with an equaliser to your liking afterwards, which is great. The only downside are the earpads, I had to replace mine with a more comfortable set. The clamp was a bit too tight as well but I manually loosened it a bit. Great product overall.

    DK Island


    RIP Headphone


    I've already sent this product back for repair twice and I think I broke it for the third time. Normal usage, never dropped it, still damaged in the same spot. The overall shipping cost almost reached the value of the headphone: I'm done.



    Best headphones I've ever had for the price.


    I've had these headphones for about a year and a half. I use them daily for several hours at a time, but I tend to leave them at the office and don't travel with them often so the potential of them breaking is probably lessened than most users. Regardless though, they're incredibly comfortable and have really great clarity. I'd strongly recommend them to anybody looking for decent headphones who doesn't want to break the bank.

    Decorah, IA


    avoid it


    Sound fidelity is good to great, but the headphone body is just poor in every aspect, a complicated folding mechanism flawed and poorly thought, very low reliability and durability in plastic parts and false leather, after a few months of use it just looks like a filthy rag covering your ears, shameful and in poor taste.

    Caracas, VE


    Pitch perfect!


    I know it is a monitoring headphone, but could have used a separate cable (HP-SC) with mic. That would have made it a prefect utility.

    Mumbai, India


    Unusable with one hand.


    They have no competition in their price range if sound is what you are looking for, but for me it is very annoying I cannot use them with 1 hand, something always clicks and closes. I think if they had only the 90° swiveling without collapsible ear-pads they had a stronger build, maybe had been cheaper and could have been used with one hand. I consider the collapsing feature rather a design flaw than a benefit considering I travel like 1000 times less then I put them on and off my head.



    best headphones ive ever used


    I've always wanted the athM50x but when I saw these, I couldn't pass them up, The sound on these is unreal, the sound stage is so wide that when you watch a movie with surround sound, it feels like you are in the movie. These headphones are great value for money



    Sounded good until . . .


    I would give these a 5 star rating if they didn't break from a flawed design and became useless. They do have great sound for their inexpensive price. But . . . where the ear pieces swivel, the plastic has way too much stress on it (poor engineering) and will crack and break off in time, rendering them useless. With mine, one side broke off completely and the other side is cracked in the same identical spot. If I could still use them, it too would break off soon. How long were they cracked before one of them broke off, I don't know, as I never suspected them to do so and wasn't checking for cracks in the plastic. If I had seen the cracks before the one side broke off, there isn't anything I could have done to prevent it anyway. I never dropped them, nor abused them, and always hung them on a hook to protect them, as I really loved them until they broke. Audio Technica's Customer service was very quick to respond to my request to buy the broken parts, but wanted me to ship them to them for repair. With MY cost for 'return' shipping, plus their repair cost, I might as well go for a new pair and keep the broken one for spare parts. That said, I would not buy these again however, as I would not want to go through the disappointment again of the plastic breaking into two pieces. If I didn't use them much, they might have lasted forever, but as I use them on a daily basis in the studio, it was just a matter of time before the plastic cracks, breaks off, and they no longer can be used. A perfect example of "a chain being only as strong as its weakest link". Audio Technica will kindly offer to repair them, though spending the time to fix the poor engineering might be time better spent. As I really liked them before they broke, I had recommended them to several of my sound engineering buddies as a good inexpensive investment. Hopefully they didn't buy them, as I don't want to be responsible when their's eventually snap into two pieces like mine sadly did.

    San Jose, Costa Rica


    love them!


    every genre sounds very good with it. Metal music is very nice previewed: You can even hear the bassist! its the very best i ever had

    Deventer, NL


    ATH-M40x Professional Monitor Headphones

    4.1 26


  • Q & A

    Wondering if you guys do repairs?


    Please contact our Service Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5003 or at for assistance with this.


    I would use this headphones with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd gen. Do I need any kind of power amp or something like that to use them with best sound


    You may contact Audio-Technica Europe for further assistance.


    Can I use the headphones with a Samsung J7 Prime mobile phone and a Dell Laptop ?


    You may plug the ATH-M40x cable into any 3.5mm or 6.5mm stereo headphone connection.


    Trying to find a replacement cord for the headphones


    You may purchase the HP-LC and the HP-SC through an Authorized Audio-Technica Dealer.


    Can I order a replacement cable?


    Yes these are available via our parts department.


    Would these headphones work with a detachable mic like the VModa Boom Pro Mic or the Antlion Modmic?


    Thank your for your inquiry. No, these have a propriety connector.


    Hi Do the ATH MX 40s have a mic


    No the do not.


    Are these bluetooth headphones?


    The M Series headphones including the ATH-M40x headphones, being designed for professional studio monitoring, will not have consumer headphone features such as Bluetooth available.


    Hello! Do these headphones have leather or other animal products? What is the carrying pouch made of? Thanks!


    The Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Headphones are not made with any animal byproducts; the earpads are not leather. The earpads we use are made with a vinyl-based or polyurethane-based material that we refer to as leatherette. Please note that we no longer use protein leather in any of our products. This was a company wide directive issued by Headquarters Quality Assurance Department in 2010. All Headphones sold by ATUS (Audio-Technica United States) are vegan-friendly except the following: ATH-W5000 (leather earpads) ATH-ESW9A(leather earpads/headband) ATH-ESW990H (leather earpads/headband)


    Hi would I be able to purchase replacement ear cups for these headphones (athm40x)? Thank you.


    Earpads are available for purchase. The model number is HP-EP. They are sold in pairs.