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Professional DJ Monitor Headphones

U.S. Two-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    Designed with the DJ in mind, Audio-Technica’s ATH-PRO500MK2 headphones deliver amazing sonic performance with 53 mm large-diameter drivers, low-profile acoustic-efficient housings, swiveling earpieces, and compact foldable design. The rugged design offers improved strength and smooth rotation of the earpieces; comes with two detachable cords (one coiled and one straight). Also available available in red (ATH-PRO500MK2RD).

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    Available in the following colors:
    Black (ATH-PRO500MK2BK)
    Red (ATH-PRO500MK2RD)
  • Features

    • 53 mm high-quality large-diameter drivers deliver extremely wide frequency response (10-30,000 Hz)

    • Durable elastomer frame

    • Soft elastomer grip for non-slip stability during DJ use

    • Foldable for compact portability

    • Swiveling earpieces (50°/90°) provide versatile positioning for every monitoring preference

    • Easily replaceable detachable cord with screw-in connector

    • Includes 2 detachable cords (one coiled and one straight)

    • Available in black (BK) and red (RD)

  • Specifications

    Driver Diameter53 mm
    Frequency Response10 - 30,000 Hz
    Maximum Input Power1,600 mW
    Sensitivity106 dB
    Impedance38 ohms
    Weight290 g
    Connector3.5 mm gold-plated stereo mini-plug
    Accessories IncludedScrew-on 1/4" (6.3 mm) adapter, detachable coiled cable (1.2 - 3.0 m), detachable straight cable (1.2 m), pouch

  • Reviews

    Nice layers of audio but not user-friendly enough.


    Nice value for such performance. However, if you are wearing glasses, think twice before buying because it won't fit with most glasses and it will hurts. (At least not with my titanium glasses frame)



    Very good


    -wore them for 5 hours straight only then my ears started to hurt -very deep bass if you IQ it when youre just on your phone, I would suggest getting an amplifier for these -ordered them from japan, on the unit itself says made in china

    New York, NY, USA

    ATH-PRO500MK2BK Professional DJ Monitor Headphones

    5.0 2


  • Q & A

    Do you have replacement cables?


    Thank you for your inquiry. You may contact our Parts Department at or call (330) 686-2600 ext 5002. to inquire about replacement cables.


    Are these headphones over-ear or on-ear?


    They are considered over-the-ear, but have a smaller profile for an over-the-ear headphone. If you have any further questions, please contact the Audio-Technica United States (ATUS) Audio Solutions Team at: Thanks!


    Looking for a Headset Cover, What's the headset mounting length & width?


    The upholstered section of the headband measures 8-1/8" long x 1-3/8" wide x 5/8" thick.


    Are ATH-PRO500MK2 only being produce in China? I have search that ATH-PRO500MK2 are made in China? Does Audio-Technica has release a version of ATH-PRO500MK2 that is made in Japan? Does it mean that even I will buy a ATH-PRO500MK2 in a authorized dealer it is still original even it is made in China?


    The ATH-PRO500MK2 Professional DJ Monitor Headphones are made in China. However, if purchasing from a dealer located in the United States, the headphones should also ship directly from a United States location, in order to ensure the utmost quality and authenticity. Thanks!


    I realize the cord is detachable, but is it replaceable? Would I be able to purchase a spare 3.5mm-to-3.5mm short cord in case something happens to the stock cord? I like that it's detachable, but I believe it screws in, which presumably implies that not just any 3.5mm auxiliary cord will be compatible with it.


    The replacement/spare cables for the ATH-PRO500MK2 and ATH-PRO700MK2 are available through the Audio-Technica United States (ATUS) Parts Department at . Thanks!


    Could you please direct me toward some velour replacement earpads? I would really love to purchase these headphones, but pleather/leather-like material makes my ears overheat. Could you please direct me toward more breathable velour earpads that would fit the Pro500mk2? I also wear glasses, so finding earpads that offer more cushion is a necessity. But I specifically want the Pro500mk2s because of their portability, durability, sound, and price point.


    Unfortunately, Velour Ear Pads are not available for Audio-Technica DJ Headphones, such as the PRO500MK2. Because of this, you might want to have a look at the following headphones that feature velvet-like fabric earpads: - ATH-AD500X - ATH-AD700 - ATH-AD700X - ATH-AD900X Thanks!


    how is pro500mk2 clamping compare to pro700mk2? hi i just tried pro700mk2 and like its clamping strength. i feel its perfect for me (im 165cm skinny guy with small head). sadly the shop does not have pro500mk2 so i cant try. can you confirm 100% that pro500 clamping and headband size is the same as pro700? i have to set the headband to the smallest on pro700 to fit my head. pro700 is too expensive for me so i can only afford pro500 but i dont want it to slip on my head if the headband is too big or clamping is weaker than pro700. thanks so much.


    The headphone-band size on the PRO700MKII is the same for the PRO500MKII. Therefore, the "clamping" will be the same.


    Just to make sure, are they OVER-the-ear or ON-the-ear I want to make sure that they completely cover the ear, not lie on the ear itself


    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes they are over the ear.


    Yes, they are over-ear


    can you replace the ear pads on the pro500mk2 with the ear pads on the pro700mk2?


    The ONLY ear-pads that will work with the PRO500MK2 are the stock earpads for the PRO500MK2. Therefore, the ear-pads from the PRO700MK2 will NOT work/fit with the PRO500MK2. Thanks!


    What's the difference between these and the ATH-PRO700MK2's? Will these also be replacing the ATH-PRO700MK2's in the future?


    Thank you for your inquiry. They are completely different headphone. Not only in design but the ATH-Pro700MK2 hs lower frequency response and can has a highr mx input power.