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LIMITED EDITION Professional DJ Monitor Headphones

*Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Actual selling price may vary; please check with an authorized Audio-Technica dealer.

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  • Overview

    The ATH-PRO700MK2ANV DJ headphones embody the sonic excellence, comfort and durability that have made Audio-Technica headphones industry favorites for 50 years. The headphones employ all-new 53 mm drivers designed especially for this model, to deliver authoritative bass, a clear midrange and open, well-defined treble. Its lightweight construction provides maximum comfort even during extended use, and the headphones’ 50º/90º earpiece swiveling capability ensures a perfect fit for every monitoring application. The ATH-PRO700MK2ANV’s gold trim accents add a touch of elegance. The headphones are supplied with two detachable cords – one straight and one coiled – so the user can choose between straight and coiled cords depending on their application. The model also comes with a commemorative certificate signed by our president, Kazuo Matsushita.

    To read about A-T’s history & see more 50th Anniversary Limited Edition products, click here.
  • Features

    • Special 50th anniversary edition

    • World-class audio performance

    • Limited edition 53mm driver offers authoritative bass, a clear midrange and open, well-defined treble

    • Lightweight construction provides maximum comfort

    • 50º/90º earpiece swiveling capability ensures a perfect fit for every monitoring application

    • Gold-plated mini plug for exceptional corrosion resistance, superb conductivity and low noise

    • Supplied with straight and coiled detachable cords

  • Specifications

    TypeClosed-back Dynamic
    Driver Diameter53 mm
    Frequency Response5 - 35,000 Hz
    Maximum Input Power3,500 mW
    Sensitivity106 dB/mW
    Impedance38 ohms
    Weight305 g
    Connector3.5 mm mini-stereo, gold-plated
    Accessory IncludedScrew-on 1/4" (6.3 mm) adapter, detachable 1.2 m coiled cable (max. 3.0 m), detachable 1.2 m straight cable, carrying pouch

  • Reviews

    I would totally purchase a pair of these headphones again


    I use it when I have gigs as a DJ. The bass is very strong and clear overall. Great design overall as well.

    East Stroudsburg, PA


    These headphones really aren't that good.


    I bought a pair of these a couple of weeks ago expecting an amazing set of headphones. Sadly, though, I was wholeheartedly disappointed. While these headphones look great, that's really all they have going for them. Firstly, they're unbearably uncomfortable, the ear pads are paper thin, which results in the sharp metal drivers pushing up against your ears. They aren't bad for a little while, but after you've had them on for an hour or so they become impossible to wear. My ears were actually red and swollen from them. You might think that all this would be made up for by the amazing sound quality, but it isn't. They sounded pretty good at first, but after they started to burn in the bass and lower mids just took over. After a week they just sound muddy and undefined. There is also a REALLY annoying resonance in the high end. Every time a piano or a violin get's up into it's upper register it's ear-shattering. Bottom line, if you want something expensive and stylish to show off with, these are probably for you. But if you're someone like me that buys headphones because you want them to sound good, do yourself a favor and get a pair of ATH-M50s

    Montreal, QC, Canada

    I love everything about these cans


    When I first got them, I was kind of upset because they hurt my ears a bit. After a week of heavy use, and much ear rubbing, they're finally broken in and extremely comfortable. They have a reassuring grip on your head, so you know you won't lose them when you sneeze or headbang from rocking out too hard ;) I also had no idea that the pads were leather. They're easily removable for cleaning, and more importantly, easy to put back on. The detachable cable is also extremely handy, having the option of a straight or curly cable is nice. The sound is phenomenal. I upgraded to these from a pair of M-45's that I had for 3 years. I didn't plan on upgrading, but then I stepped on the M-45's and it was game over. I almost can't believe I kept those for so long, the difference is night and day. These huge drivers have absolutely no problems delivering the filthiest bass. I gave these 4/5 stars for durability, only because, while the double anodized black all aluminum casing looks great, my hoodie zipper scratches it easily. I'm still in that "new product" lust phase, where every little scratch is an agonizing, soul-rending gouge, I'm sure I'll get over it in due time. I currently use these for everything I do, but I plan to buy a pair of 7.1 headphones for Gaming/Movies once Razer releases them. (so many setbacks ugh)

    Seattle, WA


    4.0 3


  • Q & A

    Whats the difference between these and the regular pro700's? I want to buy either these or the pro 700's original, but these are way more expensive! Besides the look what is the real difference between these and the original?


    The only differences between the PRO700MK2 and the PRO700MK2ANV is that the -ANV version is a commemorative 50th Anniversary model that has gold-colored trim (aside from white) and also comes with a commemorative certificate signed by our president, Kazuo Matsushita.


    Do you offer velvet pads? Leather pads make my ears hot and uncomfortable...


    TO BRING CLARITY TO ALL CUSTOMERS REGARDING THE ATH-PRO700MK2ANV: The earpads for the ATH-PRO700MK2ANV Limited Edition Professional DJ Monitor Headphones are NOT LEATHER. It is a vinyl based material that Audio-Technica refers to as "leatherette". To repeat, the headphone material is NOT LEATHER. The pads for headphones do indeed effect the frequency response of the headphones. Considering this, we unfortunately do not make an alternative earpad for any headphones, including the PRO700MK2ANV. Thanks!


    Frequency response graph... May I have a frequency response graph of these headphones and from the older model (ATH-PRO700)? Thank you very much!


    Typically speaking, Frequency Response Curves are not published by headphone manufacturers. This means that the frequency response curves are not publicly available.


    Where can I get these.? I'm in new York for a week and I'm thinking of buying this somwhere so u recommend me to go? And if it's not available I would still like to know where to get the audio technica products from in new York Thank u


    Thank you for your question! You should be able to find these headphones at J&R music located in New York.


    Why do the prices vary? The wide price range makes me skeptical. Is it possible that some of the these headphones for sale on the internet are fakes? If so, how can I be sure that I am buying certified genuine audio-technica merchandise?


    Thank you for your inquiry. As the manufacturer we have little control over what a dealer charges for the product they sell. A good rule of thumb is that if the price is too good to be true, then it probably is. Also, stay with reputable dealers and do not purchase online from international sellers.


    Difference between anniversary and standard model. It says it uses 'limited, new designed' drivers. Is the sound quality really different to the standard model's? What i have read from head-fi forum, there is no differences between those two at all.


    Thank you for your inquiry. Sonically they are the same. There are some cosmetic differences and the anv version also includes a certificate.


    Where can I get these in the US ?! I am attempting to buy the ATH-PRO700MK2ANV and cannot find it anywhere in the US or online, can you give me a little guidance or direction to somewhere I can buy this for MSRP?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please continue to check via an internet search for this product. The quantity is limited.


    Why were there such a small amount of these headphones in the USA? These were released for less than a month, and now that I have enough money to purchase them, they are no where to be found: completely sold out online in the USA (non-import). How is that even fair? Why did Europe and Australia receive so many more units?


    Thank you very much for supporting Audio-Technica, and we are sorry that this limited edition headphone sold out so quickly here in the US. Each division of Audio-Technica independently determines inventory levels, and there are many, many factors that enter into our decisions. Though the anniversary model is no longer available, you can still get the same great performance of the ATH-PRO700MK2ANV in the standard model ATH-PRO700MK2.


    Replacement earpad Where can I buy Ath-pro700mk2anv's replacement earpad hp-pro700mk2anv in Canada, USA and Taiwan


    Just email Audio-Technica's customer service. When I needed replacement pads for my ath-pro5va I emailed them and then through paying a small paypal fee directly to Audio Technica I received replacement pads in a few days. The customer service rep was really nice too!


    Thank you for your inquiry. For the US this will be available from our parts department at 330-686-2600 option 4. For other places on the world, please check with our offices in those regions. Their contact information is available on our web site under "About A-T"


    Will these be distributed at a limited quantity or will they be on the market for at least a year


    Thank you for your inquiry. There is a limited quanity and when they are gone they gone.