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  • Overview

    Audio-Technica's ATH-M10 dynamic stereo headphones deliver exceptional clarity, comfortable lightweight design and a natural frequency response ideal for professional mixing and monitoring. The headphones’ closed-back padded circumaural (around-the-ear) ear cups provide acoustic isolation and long-wearing comfort. Features include: 40 mm drivers; lightweight, adjustable headband; dual-sided straight 3.0 m (10’) cable; stereo 3.5 mm (1/8") connector with snap-on 6.3 mm (1/4") adapter.
  • Features

  • Closed-back circumaural cushioned ear cup design provides maximum isolation

  • Clear, accurate response for mixing and monitoring

  • 40 mm drivers for a natural, balanced frequency response

  • Dual-sided straight cable terminates to mini-plug with snap-on 1/4” adapter

  • Adjustable headband for long-wearing comfort

  • Specifications

    TypeClosed-back dynamic
    Driver Diameter40 mm
    Frequency Response30 - 20,000 Hz
    Maximum Input Power500 mW at 1 kHz
    Sensitivity100 dB
    Impedance40 ohms
    Weight210 g (7.4 oz), without cable
    Cable3.0 m (10')
    Connector3.5 mm (1/8") stereo mini-plug
    Accessory IncludedSnap-on 6.3 mm (1/4") adapter

  • Reviews

    I would NOT buy again


    Good earphones but the headband is flimsy. The plastic becomes brittle and breaks easily. I repaired them once with a steel band epoxied to the headband and then wrapped with vinyl electrical tape. Worked for a while but the headband broke again - not where it was repaired but right above the right earmuff. Not likely it will be repaired as it will be a difficult glue job.

    London, On. Ca.


    Best Headphones I've used. Full Stop


    Simply put these are amazing headphones. Having several pairs of high-end cans, from Grado to Audeze, these hands down are the best. The comfort factor is a con for many; they can be stretched by lightly bending the headband, it can take it don't worry. And I've swapped the ear pads out to the ones from the ATH-50's, and comfort is no issue. The highs are clear and defined, while the lows are deep and plentiful, and the in betweens are spot on. With or without an amp. They are easily driven by an iPhone or a Creek, Pathos or Meridian Amp. Extremely sturdy as everyday cans, can be thrown about and no issues or breakage. Irony is that in many "Beats" ads, Dre is using these very headphones. Shows you right there. From Classic to Hard Rock, to Jazz, to Dance, to Electronic, to Trip Hop, every genre is brought to life with these cans. Pure and simple And the price? Mind boggling.

    Sydney, Australia


    Awesome Headphones!


    Great style and all. I wear them everyday to school and they sound just as I need. They really are awesome.

    Québec Canada


    Oh my what bass ! Incredible headphones!


    I don't need to look any longer for "that sound". I found it with the ATH Pro 700 mk2! I am the owner of 4 set of headphones including HiFI Man He 400s which were my main headphones before the Pro 700s'. However move over HE 400s', Audio Technica is in town!Wow what clarity, The music pops out at you and every note is like high definition. The treble and mids are reproduced perfectly and by the way did I mention the bass. Absolutely wonderful with tremendous impact! These headphones come with 53 mm drivers. Yes 53MM. Which I'm sure accounts for that deep tight bass. By the way these are a great buy for the money. It should be noted that I drive these with the FIIO E17 amp(not expensive) which has adjustments for treble mid,bass and gain and If you love music the way I do this is the way to go. Finally, comfort wise I would advise getting the ATH M50 replacement pads(they fit) and then your set for a musical experience. Just to add to those of you who are deciding on the ATH M50s or these. I have the M50s and they are nice but if sound means everything to you then the Pro 700s are a major bump up.

    United States

    Very Satisfied


    These headphones are great. They are built out of high-grade plastic and will not break easily. They swivel and fold up and has a detachable cable making these very portable. And speaking of detachable cables you get a straight and a coiled cable. People say these are uncomfortable and tight, but I don't find this. I wear these 3+ hours at a time and notice no discomfort, but this is just me. They also look great. Now the audio. If you are looking at these it may be because you heard they are "bassy" headphones. This is accurate. The bass isn't boomy or overwhelming ( unless you are looking for a neutral sounding pair of headphones ), but of high quality and is brought out. They don't sound muddy, the mids and highs are of good quality too, but the bass is what really shines on this set of headphones. A huge improvement from my $100 Shure's though I stick with those for mixing and listening to Jazz music. I would recommend these if you listen to bass driven music such as Hip-Hop which is the genre I listen too most. Don't forget they will "burn-in" and sound even better after many hours of use.


    Wow! O_O


    Best pair headphones I've ever owned. Definitely more than you bargained for as a slightly above average listener. Bass is awesome, crisp clear mids and highs. Good stuff AT.

    Thee Sunshine State

    Great headphones! I'm the envy of all my friends!


    Nearly a year ago, I was looking for headphones to replace my old junkers. I came to audio-technica on a friends advice, and was a little more than skeptical. I went out on a limb and bought these headphones and to this day, I do not regret it. Even after a year of extensive use, these headphones sound like they're fresh out of the box. Anything, from a Mozart Sonata, to the heaviest rock and metal, and even the bassiest electronic(dubstep or otherwise) sounds clear and crisp. Every range in every song is clearly defined, and these headphones never distort a higher register to compensate for a heavier bass line. Parts you've never heard in songs will break through and complete your entire listening experience. Absolutely GREAT headphones. I give these a massive 2 thumbs up!




    These cans have huge bass and seem made to be virtually indestructible. I have a low end hearing loss. I often have trouble EQ-ing to compensate for it. These headphones solve that problem. if only I didn't actually need to wear them on my head. They feel bulky, heavy and tight compared to the m50's. The cups are too small to be truly around the ear, so even adding padding won't make these comfortable for long. I added the padding from the most comfortable ear cushions I've ever had. It keeps me from ripping the headphones off within five minutes, but before an hour is up, I'm in pain. They do Isolate sound well, partially because they fit like a vice (leaving them to stretch out over a box 3" wider than my head and other manipulation of the band has not helped.). The most comfortable position for my ears and head hurts my jaw. And I am someone who can wear osh kosh hats. Style wise these are not mobile headphones, but the cords are too short for use with anything that is not attached to you. I can't maneuver around my work area, nor get far enough away from my TV. They are kind of a miracle, too big, too small, too bulky, lightweight, yet feel too heavy. They come with both a straight and coiled cable, but both too short and no coupler supplied. I'm going to have to return these. Probably for the less expensive and infinitely more comfortable m50's. I'll need run every sound producing device I own to run through an equalizer but these things are too uncomfortable.

    Philadelphia, PA, USA

    An Amazing Headphone


    These headphones are amazing. I know quite a bit about sound quality and about headphones, and these really are nice headphones. They may not be the best headphones ever, but in my opinion, Audio Technica is the best provider I have ever found for headphones. The only problem is this headphones comfort, but I solved that with a simple modification. I made the mod in the beginning, so I don't really have an opinion on comfort. All I did was take a little strip of memory foam, a thin strip, took off the headphone casing or earpad, and slid it underneath and just put the casing back on. Now i can wear the headphones for literally hours at a time. I'm not necessarily a bass head, but I like a good amount of bass. I mean, who doesn't? I listen to my music around one fourth of the max volume, and that's PLENTY of bass for me. It has a nice strong driver that really lets you know it's there, without giving out the mids or the trebles. I feel like this is great for all around kinds of music. I haven't found anything that doesn't give that Studio sound out of the headphone. It has a strong sound quality and one of the strongest of mobile headphones I have ever used. These headphones aren't really something you'd be wearing a lot around places you need to move around. I have a moderate sized head, not all that big, not all that small, but when I put these around my neck when I need to talk to somebody for a certain amount of time (maybe a half an hour or so), I get a little nauseous. Now, I can just take them off and I'll feel better, or put them back on my head, but sometimes it can bother me. Types of music that I will listen to is Jazz, Electro, Rock, Rap, and all around other kinds of music. It all seems amazing on these headphones. I recommend these headphones to somebody who loves to listen to music. These also are great for gaming. The sounds on shooters are amazing, the crispness of the sound of the bullet just really puts you in the game, or just a simple old fashioned game of Super Mario World will really put you in the game.

    Concord, NH, USA

    Brilliant headphones


    These headphones.... WOW! I've tried all types of headphones and none of them had what I wanted, then I bought these in high hopes and boy do they please, the bass is amazing, the mids and highs are clear and accurate, and no matter what you do they will not distort, stretch out the tempo and slow down the kick, and they will hold the notes perfectly, vocals do not let down they are exactly how they sound on my home theater system. So far they are comfortable considering other complains with stock pads, although i have a narrow head so clamping isn't a problem, but my ears do touch the drivers and can get a little irritating after a couple of hours, easily fixed with M50 pads (have not done this). All in all highly recommend although everyone prefers different sound signatures, so try these out!! Also isolation is very good at low levels it blocks out enough, but once you start playing you can't hear a thing and people around you cannot either.


    ATH-M10 Professional Monitor Headphones

    4.4 16


  • Q & A

    Can i use this whith an smartphone?


    You may connect to any standard 3.5mm headphone connection.


    HI I attended a AT mic seminar at a local church a year or so ago , for attending I was given by AT a set of ATH-M10 headphones , I have only used them for about 6 months when the headband or earmuff support snapped by us just adjusting the size , this is disappointing, because we as a not for profit camp relied on them ,is there any chance of getting replacement parts or headphones Thanks Brian Kent Manager Of AV productions Fair Havens Ministries


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact our Service Department at 330-686-2600 ext. 5003. They would be happy to help you.


    Compare ATH T22 to ATH-M10 I currently have the ATH-T22 headphones and I like everything about them. I need to replace them. I'm considering the ATH-m10. is there a difference. Is one better than the other?


    Thank you for your inquiry. These are different headphones. As to which is better would depend on your taste.


    How do I get new ATH-M10 Ear Pads - the are falling apart? I have two of the ATH-M10 headphones and one ATH-T22, and the outside coating started coming off on all three of them at the same time. How do I get new pads?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact our parts department at 330-686-2600 option 4. They can help with this.


    What is the THD for the following headphones: ATH-M10, -M20, -M30 and -M50


    Thank you for your inquiry. We do not spec THD on these headphones.


    Can I register this product online?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, you can register the product at the following address: Please note for warranty service you will still need to hold on to your proff of purchase.