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Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones

U.S. Two-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    Hear the depth of bass youíve been missing in your music. The ATH-WS99 Solid-Bass headphones deliver incredibly full and textured bass, along with the astonishing clarity and fidelity for which Audio-Technica is renowned. A-Tís innovative Double Air Chamber System extends bass response without compromising mid- and high-frequency content. Precision machined aluminum housing eliminates undesired vibrations for powerful sound reproduction. The headphones feature 53 mm drivers for powerful sound and efficient signal transfer. The headphones come equipped with two 2.6-ft. (0.8 m) extension cables, one with an inline mic, playback and volume controls for smartphones and other compatible devices.
  • Features

    • Newly developed Double Air Chamber System expands bass output for powerful bass without sacrificing audio clarity

    • Exclusive large driver design (53 mm) reproduces outstanding sound

    • Undesired vibrations are eliminated by direct-mounting the high-rigidity aluminum housing to the driver

    • Acoustically sealed earpads minimize bass sound leakage

    • Smooth, easily adjustable headband slider ensures a comfortable fit

    • 2.6-ft. (0.8 m) extension cord with microphone for answering and ending calls, controlling music and video playback & control volume on smartphones & other compatible devices

  • Specifications

    TypeClosed-back Dynamic
    Driver Diameter53 mm
    Frequency Response8 - 25,000 Hz
    Maximum Input Power1,000 mW
    Sensitivity102 dB/mW
    Impedance37 ohms
    Weight250 g
    Cable0.4 m (1.3'), Y-type
    Connector3.5 mm (1/8"), mini-stereo, gold-plated
    Accessories Included0.8 m (2.6') extension cord, 0.8 m (2.6') extension cord with remote mic and passive volume control for Smartphones
    Type (Microphone)Condenser
    Sensitivity (Microphone)−40 dB (0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz)
    Frequency Response (Microphone)50 - 16,000 Hz
    Polar Pattern (Microphone)Omnidirectional

  • Reviews

    Best headphones that i've ever heard.


    So, these are advertised as Bass headphones, but I really wouldn't class them there because you can listen to music in these without overwhelming bass. I would say that they have a 15 percent enhancement out of the box, but the key is that those huge drivers have the ability to produce amazing bass. I will repeat what others have said, "they need an eq" to produce bass levels to my satisfaction. Then because a true eq reduced the other frequencies rather then boosting the bass, I find that when I eq them enough to get the bass levels right I then can't get the volume levels that I desire. However, that is with a normal phone or sound-card headphone output. When I hook them up to my headphone amp these puppies can smash my head in. They have powerful and highly accurate drivers, thus they are a little harder to drive then smaller ones. I actually prefer this trait, because while I listen to electronic bass music the most, I appreciate the ability to normalize the eq and still be able to listen to jazz and classical without the bass taking over. I have owned lots of high end headphones and these are by far the best. I'm hearing things in my music that i didn't know were there. Where lots of bass headphones essentially eq the music for you,, these just give you the ability to perform, without muddling up your music with poor built in frequency boosts. I like to compare it to a ported sub vs a sealed sub. A ported sub needs less power to produce sound levels, but the port only boosts a few frequencies and it makes the sub worst at producing all the other frequencies because the speaker is sloppy and doesn't have the support behind it. These are more like a sealed sub, they need more power to drive but are accurate. I would also point out that the sound stage in these is just incredible.When before the music was just stereo, left or right, now it sounds like things are moving all around my head, the music seems to swim around the different parts of those big drivers

    Portland Or


    Amazing bass and doesnt neglect the rest of frequencies...


    I picked these up on sale about 2 years ago and these headphones are still going strong. the sound quality is astounding. the first thing that stood out is how you can actually feel the bass coming from these, even just holding them. the one thing i did notice is that if you going to listen to these with your phone it will help if you download a music player with more in depth EQ settings. once i had that and adjusted the sound they instantly made me a fan of audio-technica. so much so i bought a pair of in ear solid bass and a pair of sport headphones. only gripe i thing i have is that the 2 swivels that the headphones connect to the headband are starting to loosen, so hopefully they wont break. but for 2 years of regular use these still sound brand new. highly highly recommend to anyone wanting thier head to vibrate.

    Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

    Great Uncompromised Qaulity


    These headphones are awesome from the build quality to the looks and sound!!! These pair of headphones have yet to disappoint and are well worth their price point when compared to other headphones. The only thing I suggest for you if you spring for these is to buy a dac or an equivalent with a external eq to unlock these headphones true performance.


    ATH-WS99 Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones

    4.7 3


  • Q & A

    I know this model is discontinued now but the detachable part of the cable of mine isn't working anymore. Where can I get a replacement cable?


    Please contact our Parts Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5002 or at for assistance with this.


    What is shipping weight? Thanks


    Thank you for your inquiry. The weight is 1.3 lbs.


    does it have microphone on its cable?


    Yes, an inline microphone is on the extension cable included with the headphones.


    Do you have any headphones with 7.1 or anything that resembles 7.1?


    All headphones are stereo (two drivers, one on each ear.) Additional DSP may be added for additional surround imaging.


    Hello! I am a huge fan of Audio Technica ever since my pair of ATH-M50 and I will never have any other headphones if I can help it :) I would like to know if these headphones are 5.1 or 7.1 or none of the above. I have done some research and cant seem to come up with any solid information regarding surround sound. Thanks in advance :)


    None of the above. They are just 2-channel stereo headphones.


    Can the mic for the ws99 be used for gaming? I gave mine to my daughter and she lost it. Can I get a replacement mic?


    Please contact our Parts Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5002 or at for assistance with this.


    Hi. I am stuck between buying ath-pro700mk2 and ath-ws99. I just want the better bass. Which one should i pick? I want strong bass. The price doesn't matter because they are the same.


    Thank you for your inquiry. Sound is subjective and I believe the ATH-WS99 will have more bass as they are in our Solid Bass line of headphones. I always recommend trying them both out for yourself and see what best suit your needs.


    pavilions surround the ears or leaning over? these headphones are over-ear or on-ear? thanks


    Please contact the Audio-Technica division for your world area: If you are located in the United States, please contact the Audio-Technica United States (ATUS) Audio Solutions Team at: Please include your original question in the email, and provide detailed information related to your setup, and what you are hoping to accomplish. Thanks!


    Audio leak when compared to M50X Hi, I love to listen to my favorite music in my office but at the same time I don't want to disturb others with the leaked audio. So to put things in prospective can you help me understand the level sound leak when compared to M50X? Also I read on one of the reviews that these headphones are of semi open type, so everyone around you can hear to what you are listening. But the website describes them as closed. Can you please confirm? Thanks


    Thank you for your inquiry. These are closed back headphones. As for sound leakage, they do provide only passive sound isolation, although this is not a spec that we measure.


    How do you clean the headphones? I misplaced the instructions and I'd really like to know.


    Thank you for your inquiry. We recommend using only a clean, dry, soft cloth to wipe them down. If a more thorough cleaning is absolutely necessary, use a clean cloth, very slightly dampened with water. Do not use detergents. Wipe down with a clean dry cloth and allow to completely dry before using.