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Over-Ear High-Resolution Headphones

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  • Over-ear Headphones
  • Hi-Res Headphones
  • balanced connection
  • true motion drivers
  • memory foam earpads
  • headphones detachable cables

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  • Overview

    The ATH-MSR7b headphones give you the latest in high-resolution headphone technology, combining the advanced features of the original ATH-MSR7 with both standard and balanced connection options for the ultimate portable listening experience.

    These headphones are equipped with 45 mm True Motion Drivers with diamond-like carbon coated diaphragms to deliver distortion-free audio reproduction with extended frequency response. The headphones also feature Multi-layer Air Damping Technology that reduces unwanted vibration and controls the airflow for superior audio clarity. Completing the package are two detachable Y-type cables with A2DC (Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial) connectors. One cable is equipped with a standard 3.5 mm 3-pole stereo mini-plug, and the other has a 4.4 mm 5-pole balanced mini-plug, allowing you to use the MSR7b headphones with the latest high-spec audio players.

    The headphones, available in black (ATH-MSR7bBK) and gunmetal (ATH-MSR7bGM), are outfitted with memory foam earpads to ensure lasting comfort even during the longest listening sessions.

    About High-Resolution Audio
    In Brief: The Move to Hi-Res Audio
    While many listeners may believe that high-resolution audio came along with the introduction of the Compact Disc in 1982, constraints on the disc’s storage space always prevented CD audio (standardized at 44.1 kHz/16-bit) from fully and completely reproducing the original recorded sound. The advent and subsequent popularity of MP3s only made this problem more pronounced – the necessary compression of these files causes audio information to be lost, thus greatly reducing the audio quality. But with lossless audio file formats, faster Internet speeds, and storage space increasingly easy to come by (and in ever-smaller packages), the push is on to create audio equipment capable of capturing and reproducing true Hi-Res Audio, generally considered to be 96 kHz/24-bit or better. The Hi-Res Audio logo certifies that a product meets the Hi-Res Audio standards. Per these standards, headphones must have transducer frequency performance to at least 40 kHz. As a producer of these types of audiophile headphones since 1972, Audio-Technica is well-positioned to provide audio solutions that meet the demands of Hi-Res Audio media formats, allowing for the full reproduction of their extended sonic characteristics.
  • Features

    • Renewal of the award-winning ATH-MSR7 adds audiophile option of a balanced connection

    • Proprietary 45 mm True Motion Drivers (with diamond-like carbon coated diaphragms) are capable of Hi-Res Audio reproduction

    • Multi-layer Air Damping Technology, comprised of a layered housing and triple-vent system, reduces unwanted vibration and controls the airflow for superior audio clarity

    • Stainless steel acoustic mesh resistor provides improved high-frequency response, while bass acoustic resistor delivers accurate low-frequency response

    • Lightweight design and optimized lateral pressure provide long time wearing comfort

    • Aluminum housing structure reduces unwanted vibration

    • Soft memory foam earpads and headband for ultimate comfort

    • Straight Y-type cable style for ideal balanced connection (Two detachable 1.2 m (3.9') straight Y-type cables with A2DC (Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial) connectors at the headphones: one with a 4.4 mm 5-pole balanced mini-plug, the other with a 3.5 mm 3-pole stereo mini-plug)

    • Includes protective pouch

    • Available in black (ATH-MSR7bBK) and gunmetal (ATH-MSR7bGM)

  • Specifications

    Driver Diameter45 mm
    Frequency Response5-50,000 Hz
    Sensitivity101 dB/mW
    Impedance36 ohms
    CableDetachable 1.2 m (3.9') cable (3.5 mm 3-pole stereo mini-plug to A2DC); detachable 1.2 m (3.9') cable (4.4 mm 5-pole balanced mini-plug to A2DC)
    Accessories IncludedCarrying pouch

  • Reviews

    10x better then M50's


    PROS-Very good headphone for the price range, blows my M50's away that i had for 8 years, Bass is not as much as the m50's, but it had a deeper bass, balanced across the board great details on mids and vocals, good low end, sound stage is decent, Imaging is also decent, these heaadphones should be in place of the m50s.. v shaped sounding headphones Cons- the propitiatory dual entry plugs is not my flavor, maybe a dual 3.5 mm end would be suitable, cord could be a little longer, have interchangeable cords like another cord for a mic, after all it is a portable headphone, Comfort was a big one, definitely a big upgrade if you come from the m50s but the pads on the inner touch my ears and get uncomfortable, it be nice if they offered pads like the hm5 pads but not as steep as they are, but overall great headphone for the price i could see it compete with higher end models Sound test was done on a simple 3.5mm, with my DAC and is easy to drive, very light and not over clamped like the original MSR7's



    Beautifully built, absolutely a pleasure to listen to


    I use these in my office with a dragonfly red, and they sound fabulous. Very light weight and good stability on the head, still comfortable after hours of use and no pressure on the ears or skull.

    Durham, NH


    ATH-MSR7b Over-Ear High-Resolution Headphones

    5.0 2


  • Q & A

    I am in need of a 2.5 mm balanced cable for my dap player so i can take advantage of the balanced output. Which cables can i purchase that is compatible with the msr7b model ?


    Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for assistance with this.


    Will I be able to use these with a regular 3.5mm cable with only one jack? I have never been a fan of Y configuration cables on mobile headphones.


    The A2DC connections out of the two earcups come together into a signal connection for either cable. You will only have sound on one side if you do not connect both A2DC connections in the headphones.


    Hi! when will these be available for shipping? (model B that is)

    El Duderino

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    When do these go on sale?


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    What is the projected release date for these headphones?


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    Hi, I am using the ATH MSR-7 over ear model. They are EXCELLENT!, but unfortunately I have used them so much I need new ear cusions as mine is all torn up and peeling and when. Could you please send me a link to such replacement cusions for this model. Thank you


    Please contact our Parts Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5002 or at for assistance with this.


    Dear Lady or Gentleman, I purchased a ATH-MSR7 in brown colour. Unfortunately the ear pads are wearing down. I would like replace but i not find any replacement in your store. Could you please help me how i can find replacement for this item. Thank you in advanced. B.r.: Pal


    Thank you for your inquiry. This site is designed to answer questions for the Americas. Please see the below link to find the Audio-Technica office responsible for your part of the globe. They will be happy to help.