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Monophone/Dynamic Boom Microphone Combination Headset

U.S. Lifetime Limited End-user Warranty

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  • Overview

    Designed for hands-free computer and other recording applications, the ATR5200 provides a single earpiece for one-ear monitoring, along with a dynamic microphone for crisp, accurate vocal pickup. The flexible mic boom, cushioned ear pad and lightweight design provide added convenience and prolonged listening comfort.
  • Features

    • A single earpiece along with a dynamic mic for hands-free listening & speaking

    • Flexible mic boom & cushioned ear pads

    • Cable with two 3.5 mm mini-plugs

    • Two 1/4" adapters included

  • Specifications

    TypeOpen-back dynamic
    Driver Diameter40 mm
    Frequency Response30 20,000 Hz
    Maximum Input Power50 mW
    Sensitivity91 dB
    Impedance40 ohms
    Weight70 g (2.5 oz)
    Cable1.5 m (4.9')
    ConnectorsTwo 3.5 mm (1/8") mono mini-plugs
    Accessories IncludedTwo gold-plated 6.3 mm (1/4") mono plug adapters
    Type (Microphone)Neodymium dynamic
    Sensitivity (Microphone)-55 dB (1.7 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa

  • Downloads

    ATR5200 Manual (pdf 141.29 KB)
  • Reviews

    An Apt Headset


    Reason for Purchase: I bought this headset about 3 years ago now to usher in a new computer I built. I'm a big stickler for splitting my audio streams. I play video games, so I like having voice/communication programs piped into my ear while game/music audio plays through my main set of speakers, which was the reason I acquired it. I also keep a decently high volume, so I don't want explosions or my personal music playing into another person's ear. Requirements: It will require two jacks to work, one for input and one for output. If you're using this on a desktop, there shouldn't be a lack for ports in that regard. I don't think there's a meaningful difference between two separate cords and a single cord in terms of audio quality that I noticed. For microphone audio quality: I have been told that on chat programs, my voice comes across as a little warmer and more nuanced (which, if you have a voice like mine, is a compliment!). The microphone itself is easy to position across your face, although square-jawed folks like me might have some issues getting it to not touch your lips. There seems to be a built-in pop filter and grate, which minimizes any explosive Ps, though it won't prevent them entirely. It also prevents anyone from hearing your breathing as long as you don't violently exhale through your mouth, which some mics pick up all too easily. The mic and boom are pretty durable and very flexible. I've dropped/stepped on this more than a few times and it sounds the same no matter what! One drawback/advantage I take issue with is the microphone's sensitive insensitivity. While I've never had anyone pick up my gameplay, on some chat programs (Discord and Teamspeak) they often have an issue hearing me and I have to crank up the boost/gain to pretty high levels. I don't yell, but I don't exactly have a mouse-like tenor to my voice. Ran outta characters: Headset is durable, accidentally broke off a tab on it recently after three years. Decent, but price could lower

    Madison, WI


    ATR5200 Monophone/Dynamic Boom Microphone Combination Headset

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  • Q & A

    atr 5200- want to use as "silent" practice monitor. will plug mic plug into input on small acoustic amp and headphoneplug into headphone out. want to hear myself singing, but not bother neighbors. will this work?


    The ATR5200 is designed for hands-free computer and other recording applications. It is possible to use this with with an acoustic amplifier. However, the mono headphone will only give you a mono signal, and the miss-match in plugs (mono headphone vs. stereo headphone) may result in low volume, and possibly humming. You'll also have to adjust the settings of your acoustic amplifier for use with the headphone out only.