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Communications Headset

U.S. Five-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    Created for use with intercom systems, this rugged communications headset offers natural, highly intelligible and focused vocal reproduction, closed-back circumaural (around-the-ear) ear cups to seal out background noise, and a high-output dynamic microphone mounted on a flexible gooseneck boom.

    The headsetís microphone has a cardioid polar pattern tailored for pickup of speech with maximum voice intelligibility over a wide range of frequencies. It is more sensitive to sound originating directly in front of the element, making it useful in reducing pickup of unwanted sounds. The flexible gooseneck boom swivels for easy positioning on either the right or left side.
  • Features

    • Microphone features polar pattern and frequency response tailored for natural, highly intelligible vocal reproduction

    • Closed-back circumaural ear cups help seal out crowd noise and other background distractions

    • Neodymium magnets in microphone and headphones for high output level & detailed sound reproduction

    • Rugged design with user-replaceable cable and ear pads

    • Cardioid pickup pattern of the dynamic microphone rejects off-axis sounds

    • Boom-mounted microphone can be positioned on the left or right side

    • Adjustable cushioned headband and lightweight design for long-wearing comfort

    • Detachable cable (BPCB4) terminates in 4-pin XLRF-type connector for use with intercom systems

  • Specifications

    TypeClosed-back Dynamic (Headphone)
    Cardioid Dynamic (Microphone)
    Driver Diameter40 mm (Headphone)
    Voice CoilCopper-clad aluminum wire
    Frequency Response20-20,000 Hz (Headphone)
    40-20,000 Hz (Microphone)
    Maximum Input Power1,600 mW at 1 kHz
    Sensitivity100 dB (Headphone)
    -57 dB (1.4 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa (Microphone)
    Impedance65 ohms (Headphone)
    560 ohms (Microphone)
    Weight264 g (9.3 oz)
    Dimensions82.0 mm (3.23") wide (earcup);
    46.0 mm (1.81") wide (headband);
    180.1 mm (7.09") long (boom), microphone extended;
    24.0 mm (0.94") diameter (microphone)
    Cable2 m (6.6') long with 8-pin connector at headset end; 4-pin XLRF-type connector output
    Accessories Included3 windscreens; spare connector screw

  • Downloads

    BPHS1-XF4 Submittal Sheet (pdf 407.91 KB)
  • Reviews

    Praise for the BPHS1


    I must confess to being an A-T fan from way back. We use a wide variety of their mics at our University - and I love the ATH-M50X headphones. I'm slowly phasing out our old communication headsets from the late 20th century and have tried headsets from several other reputable manufacturers... but the A-T's win in both price and performance. The headphone sound is clear, the dynamic mic has exceptional gain and clarity and they're lighter weight than our old units.



    Great product,


    stands up to the elements like hot, cold. In use for over 200 games since purchased. still superior sound qality


    BPHS1-XF4 Communications Headset

    5.0 2


  • Q & A

    Can this product be used with a RTS intercom belt pack or keypanel?


    If the pinout is the same, then yes. Refer to the submittal sheet (link below) on page 2 for the pinout. Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for additional assistance with this.


    Will this headset work with a clear-com intercom system?


    If the pinouts and connections are the same, then yes. You may check the cable and connection pinouts and verify they match.


    To follow up on the question by thomascgty "Do I need any additional accessories or converters to use this on a PC?" The answer was "The 1/4" headphone plug can be reduced to a 3.5 mm (stereo) plug by using a simple slip-on type adapter". Could you say that in English, please? Especially "The 1/4" headphone plug can be reduced" and "by using a simple slip-on type adapter". How does one reduce the 1/4" headphone plug, and what is a slip-on type adapter? Thanks.


    Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for assistance with this.


    Looking to replace the cord for the BPHS1-XF4 Communications Headset. where can I buy one.


    Try . The part number for the cable only is BPCB4.


    Do I need any additional accessories or converters to use this on a PC? Any adapters or converters that I need to buy? Does this has a 3.5mm jack connector?


    With the right supplies you can make one, All you need is a female xpr plug, a length of audio wire and a stereo 3.5 plug.


    It would be much easier to adapt the BPHS1 with the XLR microphone output connector and the 1/4' headphone plug to a computer. The Hosa XVM-101F Adapter Cable will adapt the XLR mic connector to a 3.5 mm stereo mic input jack on a computer. The 1/4" headphone plug can be reduced to a 3.5 mm (stereo) plug by using a simple slip-on type adapter such as that available from your local Radio Shack store.


    Headset for manufacturing I need several sets that would be able to provide good sound barrier. Have the ability for people to "talk to one another by way of the mic on the headset. And lastly 2 way communications between the teacher and the visitors. So for example if one person had a question about what was being discussed the teacher and visitors should be able to hear the question and answer. Will the bphs1-xf4 be able to do that? If not please let me know which headset is suited. Thanks


    Thank you for your inquiry. It would if it is connected to the proper communication system. The microphone on its own will not provide this function.


    wind noise onmy audio-technica headset In broadcasting outdoor sport I am getting a lot of wind noise on windy days. is there any wind noise covering the I can put over my headset mic. to lessen this noise. sometime listeners can't hear me because of the wind noise the mic is picking up. do you have anything to help solve some of theis wind interference?


    Thank you fro your inquiry. We provide a windscreen with the microphone that can help in low wind scenarios. There may be some third party windscreens that can provide additional protection. Check with company called Rycote at who specialize in windscreens.


    Concerning the BPHS1-XF4 Communications Headset, can this be used to conduct conversations using a model phone? Hello, My name is Dr. Jordan. I am looking for an advanced headset I can use to conduct tele-workshops on my landline or mobil phones. Can I use the BPHS1-XF4 for that purpose? Does this headset come with the right jacks for this purpose? Does it have a volume control on the cable or would I have to just use the volume control on the phone? Thanks for information. I think you products are great.


    Thank you for your inquiry. The BPHS1-XF4 is not designed for phone use.


    BPHS1-XF4 Communications Headset: Could this headset be adapted for use with a USB port? Do you have any headsets with noise reduction and microphones for voice recording that use or could be adapted for use with USB ports?


    Thank you for your inquiry. There is no off the shelf way to do this that I am aware of.