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Audiophile Closed-back Dynamic Headphones

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  • Overview

    Audio-Technica's ATH-A700x closed-back dynamic headphones deliver audiophile-quality acoustic performance with full, rich balanced bass. The headphones feature proprietary large-aperture 53 mm drivers for high-fidelity playback. Equipped with A-T’s innovative self-adjusting wing support mechanism, the headphones offer long hours of remarkably comfortable listening.
  • Features

    • Audiophile-quality headphones with metallic finish

    • Closed-back Double Air Damping System for deep bass reproduction

    • Proprietary large-aperture 53 mm drivers with neodymium magnet systems and CCAW voice coils for superior sound reproduction

    • Self-adjusting 3D Wing Support Housing provides comfortable support for a more enjoyable listening experience

    • OFC (oxygen-free copper) cloth-wrapped cable

    • Ear pads featuring A-T’s ultra-comfortable total ear fitting design

    • Gold-plated stereo 1/8" (3.5 mm) connector with 1/4" (6.3 mm) adapter

  • Specifications

    TypeClosed-back Dynamic, Double Air Damping System
    Driver Diameter53 mm
    Voice CoilCopper-clad aluminum wire
    Frequency Response5 – 35,000 Hz
    Maximum Input Power1,000 mW
    Sensitivity100 dB/mW at 1 kHz
    Impedance38 ohms
    Weight290 g
    Cable3.0 m cloth sheath (OFC)
    Connector1/8" (3.5 mm) mini stereo, gold-plated
    Accessory IncludedDetachable 1/4" (6.3 mm) adapter

  • Reviews

    An excellent, well-rounded, highly affordable product.


    Not being a stranger to audiophile quality headphones, and after owning my fair share of headgear, these cans offer an excellent and reliable sound stage that offers a neutral listening experience. These are the closest I've ever come to experiencing studio monitor quality while not using actual studio monitors. Get these if you want the best bang for your buck!


    Very good quality


    These sound wonderful. Good base response and good audio sound all around, mids and highs. I am disappointed that the foam on the ear pieces is coming off already.

    Baxter, MN, USA

    ATH-A700x Audiophile Closed-back Dynamic Headphones

    4.5 2


  • Q & A

    Can the a700x be used to mixing? compared with athm50, in wich one the flat response is better for mixing and if the50' is better can i.use the700' to mix as weel what you recomended i have the chance to buy the 700x i didnt find where to buy the 50' im from costa rica


    Thank you for your inquiry. This is a very subjective question. Most would use the ATH-M50x for mixing.


    Greetings, I've lost a part to this headphone and was wondering if it would be possible to get a replacement part. I'm not sure what they are called, but I lost one of the pair of cushions that snap into the band and rests on top of your head. Could you please let me know if this is something that can be replaced. Thanks very much.


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact our parts department at 330-686-2600 ext 5002. They can help with this.


    If I were looking to replace my current set of the a700x what would be the successor? The 1000x? I chose this (700x) set specifically for the reviews of audiophiles placing these as one of the best closed cans for FPS gaming soundscape; indeed, my positional awareness has been amazing due to these headphones.


    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, either the ATH-A1000Z or the ATH-A990Z.


    A700x replacement pad alternatives Since the thin laminate of the earpad is prone to breakdown and peeling, what AT ear pads may fit the A700x? Will the real leather pads for the W5000 fit? Or is there a good aftermarket alternative? Paper sleeves aren't an option.


    The leather earpads from the ATH-W5000, and the Velvet/Cloth earpads from the ATH-AD700x, will work with the ATH-A700x. If you are located in the United States, these earpads can be purchased through the ATUS Parts Department ( PLEASE NOTE: - Using different earpads (other than the stock earpads) will indeed effect the frequency-response of any headphones. - The non-leather material ATUS uses for the A700x headphones is made with a vinyl-based or polyurethane-based material that ATUS refers to as "leatherette". It is not prone to breaking down if the headphone earpads are properly maintained. To clean leatherette earpads, first you must UNPLUG them from any device. Then, use a small amount of mild-strength detergent and water. Please make certain that you do NOT use a detergent that is known to irritate your skin. Also, AVOID using any products containing any amount Bleach, Alcohol, or Ammonia, as they could dry out the material. It is recommended that you do NOT soak the headphones with the cleaning solution; rather, dampen a cloth and try on an inconspicuous area first. Do not "scrub" the headphones; rather, just give a gentle cleaning. After using the recommended cleaning method listed above, please wipe down with a water-dampened cloth. Allow to dry thoroughly before again using your headphones. If you are not located in the United States, please contact the Audio-Technica division for your world area: Thanks!


    good for overall? i want headphones that are in the $100-200 and are perfect for listening to all types of music, i would like to here nice lows, mids, and highs plus good vocals. I would like to know if these headphones do this job well. I would also like to know if these headphones are durable because i want to have them for a long time. please direct me to better headphones if these dont meet my standards. thank you


    Thank you for your inquiry. These are very nice headphones and I think they meet your criteria.


    Is this model (ath-A700x) theoretically better for classical music reproduction than the m50? I am looking for accuracy, clarity, flat response when listening to orchestral classical music from my cd/flac music library. I understand this is subjective but would like to know what is the general consensus. Also does this model have good isolation?


    Yes. They are excellent and really pick up the smaller nuances that usually go unnoticed with other brands. I love these due to the fact that they are super neutral and the sound doesn't bleed.


    Both are very accurate headphones and for your application, either set of headphones will be excellent. The ATH-M50 are designed to be perceptually accurate. The ATH-A700x are designed to be very high quality headphones for the audiophile community. Both have excellent isolation. You are correct that this is subjective and quite difficult to answer. However, a consumer review related to your question, that might be helpful, can be found below: Thanks!


    ATH-W3000ANV --- Replacing an earcup W3000ANV ask a question page seems to be closed to new inquiries, therefore I am using this page to ask A. - Can I get/buy a replacement for one wooden earcup of W3000ANV headphones ? And can I get/buy another earcup as a spare in case of the future need ? B. - Can I buy a spare set of the W3000ANV drivers in case of a future need/problem ? C. - I think Audio Technica should have offered a purchase of safe transport/carrying case for the W3000ANV as an option. Can I buy from Audio Technica a carrying case for W5000 ?


    Thank you for your inquiry. please contact our office in Canada. Below is the contact information. Erikson Consumer Head Office 21000 Transcanada Baie D'Urfé, Québec Tel: 514-457-2555 Toll Free: 800-567-3275 Fax: 514-457-0055 Toll Free: 866-450-5507 E-mail: Web site:


    are the ath-a700x better or worse in: sound, comfort, build quality. over the ath-m50


    Thank you for your inquiry. This is hard to answer because headphone preferences are very subjective. Also, they are designed for different uses. The ATH-M50's are designed for studio use, so the frequencies are somewhat flat (not over emphasized). As a recording engineer the ATH-M50's are my favorite headphones. The ATH-A700x are audiophile headphones will have an enhanced low end. Build quaility is similar between them.