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Professional Open-Back Reference Headphones

U.S. Two-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    The ATH-R70x is Audio-Technicaís first pair of open-back reference professional headphones. Together with the ATH-M70x, they stand as a flagship model in A-Tís lineup of professional studio headphones. Featuring specially designed drivers and acoustically transparent housings fashioned from aluminum honeycomb mesh, these headphones provide an accurate and natural open-back sound. They also incorporate a new, improved design of our popular 3D wing support system to provide even greater comfort during the prolonged use often required in professional settings. Robust yet lightweight, and equipped with a unique, dual-sided detachable cable that automatically maintains proper stereo orientation (no matter how itís attached), the R70x headphones are built for lasting comfort, convenience and audio purity.

  • Features

    • High-efficiency magnets and pure alloy magnetic circuit design reduce distortion and ensure accurate and extended high-frequency response

    • Carbon composite resin improves structural rigidity to provide detailed transient response

    • Acoustically transparent, aluminum honeycomb-mesh housings provide a natural and spacious open-back sound

    • Breathable fabric earpads and improved wing support provide long-wearing comfort

    • Feather-light weight (approx. 210 g w/o cable) and robust construction make headphones perfectly suited for professional use

    • Unique, dual-sided detachable locking cable is L/R signal independent, always ensuring proper stereo orientation

  • Specifications

    TypeOpen-back reference
    Driver Diameter45 mm
    Frequency Response5 - 40,000 Hz
    Maximum Input Power1,000 mW at 1 kHz
    Sensitivity99 dB
    Impedance470 ohms
    Weight210 g (7.4 oz), without cable and connector
    Accessories IncludedProtective carrying pouch

  • Downloads

    ATH-M70x & ATH-R70x Literature (pdf 379.82 KB)
  • Reviews

    You cannot beat these at this price point.


    Probably the best you're gonna get at this price point. These are stunningly clear. They have a high impedance so you will need a high quality headphone amp to get the best out of them. If anything I would say they are ever so slightly dipped in the mid range but not nearly enough to be noticeable by most users.

    North Texas


    I LOVE my pair of ATH-R70x headphones!


    Several months ago I bought a pair of the ATH-R70x headphones because I was going to spend 2 months traveling India and I wanted to be able to mix while I was traveling without dragging my Genelec 8020s all over the country. The clarity and frequency response of these headphones is incredible. They are so comfortable that I can spend 3-8 hours mixing music without getting any symptoms of ear fatigue. I initially thought when I opened them up and held them for the first time that they were going to break because the swivel joints looked so frail - but lo and behold they are constructed of such strong and light materials that after 2 months of deserts, dangerous bus rides, and other perils they are the same now as they were when I bought them - so the build quality is top notch. There are only 2 things buyers need to be aware of when purchasing a pair of ATH-R70x headphones: 1) The ohm impedance is such that these headphones are quiet if you are just plugging them into your laptop's headphone jack and if you are somewhere with some ambient noise (like a cafe) they may be too quiet to work with so you'll want have some kind of audio interface or DAC that will amplify them to a more appropriate level (and no, putting a utility on your master channel and cranking it isn't going to give you the clarity you need with the amplification you've achieved - use a sound card or a DAC). 2) These need to be used with Sonarworks Reference 4 to "truly" achieve a flat frequency response. Before I used Reference 4 I was finding that when I would mix on the R70x's and then check them on the Genelecs the high frequencies would be too harsh and the low end would be lacking - after mixing with Reference 4 I have no problems when I jump on the Genelecs - everything sounds as good on the Genelecs as they do on the R70x's! Long story short: These are great, I recommend them to everyone who needs to do critical mixing on the road. These will last a LONG time and oh my, they sound great

    Bali Indonesia


    My favorite headphone in my collection


    I have had the R70x for about six months now, so definitely past the honeymoon period (audiophile wise). That is the primary reason for holding off on a review until now. It is very easy to get excited over a new product and write a gushing review; been guilty of that myself. This headphone's main strength is a neutral, yet non-fatiguing presentation. Bass is relatively flat, but has the ability to punch when called for IF properly driven. I usually drive these with a Schiit Valhalla OTL tube amp as it mates well with the 470 ohm impedance. They do want power, but I usually listen at somewhat louder ( I'd like to say realistic) levels. Neutral midrange with neither too forward or distant vocals. Upper treble might be somewhat rolled off, especially compared to my Beyerdynamic DT1770, DT1350 cans, but those tend to be brighter (and fatigue sooner). I feel the soundstage is very good and has some airiness to it. Not as wide as the now gone AKG Q701, but better in all other aspects. I did feel the stock pads were a tad small and just a little rough. I have replaced them with the Shure 1540 alcantara pads. More comfy with minimal change in sound signature. They are the most comfortable headphone I have had. I fiddle less with the fit than all previous cans. I've gone through many headphones in the past few years ( much to my wife's chagrin). But this one might finally be a keeper. In fact, it's the first can I've thought about buying again for a backup, but as soon as I do that AT will probably come out with a successor :/ In conclusion, highly recommended.

    St. Louis, Missouri


    Wow - Headphone Search Finally Over - Audio Nirvana Achieved


    I use these headphones for in-home use only, on a high end system. I have bought so many headphones in the last year it's not funny. I read review after review on every headphone I purchased and soon learned that 50% did not live up to their good reviews, This is a clear indicator that personal preference does play a big role so try them out before buying whenever possible. The cans are grouped in my $300-$600 range and I have had many in this range such as Beyerdynamic DT 990 (Premiumn 600 ohm), PSB M4U2, Sennheiser HD 598, Focal Spirit Classic, AKG 545, AKG 550, Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, to name a few. Each of these were purchased solely on their great reviews. Yes they range from open, closed and noise cancelling, but in the end the headphone should sound great irregardless of they type. The winner in both sound and comfort was easily the DT 990's. Yes they are a tad bright, but they do everything else perfectly. I can wear them for hours on end because of their comfort level. I use these as my reference headphones to base all other on. The Focal's are nice sounding but the small ear cups and tight clamping actually cause me pain. Bummer. I have a head and ears on the smaller side. On the other extreme the AKG 550's have such a light clamping force that a proper seal cannot be achieved for me making them sound thin. They do sound great if you can fix the seal problem. OK, now the Audio-Technica ATH R70x have entered my $300-$600 range collection. I can tell you that I would have paid $1000 or more for these. They sound simply amazing. None of the others come close to the sound quality of these cans. I prefer my music flat or should I say as close to the original source as possible. No emphasized bass, no forward mid, and no exaggerated high's. The R70's sound perfect, nothing exaggerated, nothing in your face. Dynamics and imaging are beautiful, the best I have heard yet, Comfort is out of this world. I bought these on a whim, on sale. My life just got better.

    London, Canada


    Great Headphones for the money-espcially on sale.


    I have the closed back version too which are the ATH M70X; which is a lot easier to drive them without an amp. Both the open and closed back are great cans that I would put up against cans that cost 4 times as much. I have the Beyerdynamics T-1; T-5 second gen. and the Senn. H.D. 800. I audio Tech ATH R70x and the open ATH M70m are great too. Both are really great sounding with all kinds of music.. The ATH m70x closed are used in forensic investigation because of how clear they are. Again, the ATH M70x are a lot easier to drive without an amp. The ATH R7-x needs an amp because its rated at 470 ohms to drive them. However, I drive them well with a fiios 12 amp rated at 300 ohms. I also have audio Tech. top of the line wood cans too! I really like these just as much.

    Elkton, MD


    Excellent piece of gear


    I brought these home, put on one of my tracks and half way through had to check if my Adam A7x Monitors were on or off, it sounds that good. I actually thought the Adams had to be on in the background. I can see these being my new go to cans. I just shelved my AKG712's

    Toronto ON


    Best headphones Ever buy them


    This product sounds amazing if you're going to buy any headphone but THIS you won`t regret it

    Bristow, VA


    ATH-R70x Professional Open-Back Reference Headphones

    5.0 7


  • Q & A

    Is this headphone XLR?


    No it is not.


    Are these phones manufactured in Japan or Taiwan ? thanks, -john


    The country of origin is Japan.


    will this work ok for gaming


    You may connect the ATH-R70x to any headphone amplifier that will accommodate the proper impedance.


    Hello there! Are the ATH R70x balanced? Thank you,

    Serge the Rocker

    No they are not.


    How long is the given cable and are there other shorter ones that are around 4 feet?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Includes detachable cables (includes 1.2 m - 3.0 m coiled cable, 3.0 m straight cable and 1.2 m straight cable)


    I can't seem to find any replacement earpads for the ath-r70x - do you not sell these as spares ? I was looking to get these headphones, but the apparent lack of spares kind of worries me. Hope I am wrong in my findings. Cheers


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact our Parts Department at 330-686-2600 ext. 5002. They would be happy to help you.


    Are replacement grills available for purchase?


    Thank you for your inquiry. You may contact our Parts Department at or call (330) 686-2600 ext 5002. to inquire about replacements if you are located in the US.


    How do you take off the ear pads on the ATH-R70x? I found videos for other headphones but not these ones specifically. They need to be cleaned badly as they are very greasy after years of use. Also is it possible to remove the head pads too? If so, how would I also go about cleaning those?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact our Service Department at 330-686-2600 ext. 5003. They would be happy to help you.


    What is the Audio-Technica ATH-R70x Pro Reference Headphones' THD? (Total Harmonic Distortion)

    Cathy the Newbie

    Thank you for your inquiry. We do not spec THD on passive devices.


    Hello, Is there a way to demo/audition the ATH-R70x headphones? I am a professional mixer and sound engineer working for a major film studio in the San Francisco area. Thank you.


    You may contact your state representative: The Farm Technical Sales & Marketing 2008 Opportunity Dr. Roseville, CA 95678 PH: (800) 480-8544 FAX: (800) 408-2145