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New Trio For Audio-Technica’s Broadcast & Production Microphone Range

Leeds 01-19-2009 Following extensive in-the-field research and user input, three new models have been added to Audio-Technica’s highly respected Broadcast & Production microphone range. Each is designed to deliver highly focussed pickup for critical broadcast, film/TV production and theatre sound reinforcement applications.

The new BP4071 and BP4073 succeed the previous AT4071a and AT4073a microphones, with improvements including sensitivity, a high SPL and superior dynamic range closely tailored to broadcasters’ signal-to-noise requirements; significantly improved RFI-immunity and RoHS compliance are other new benefits. In addition, the introduction of the BP4071 L – a 539mm long version of the BP4071 – extends the appeal of the microphone to include extreme situations such as long distance pickup of sporting events.

The innovative acoustic design of even the shorter microphones (the BP4071 is 395mm, BP4073 233mm long) bestows a level of directivity comparable to mics up to 50% longer, and as such the pair offer unequalled performance in a compact package.

Each of the new line + gradient condenser models features a switchable 80Hz high-pass filter, 10dB pad and a transformerless design to ensure excellent transient pickup. Given the demanding situations in which such microphones are likely to be employed, the trio are constructed from lightweight architectural-grade aluminium for unbeatable robustness.

Retail prices for the new Broadcast & Production microphones are as follows:
BP4071: £850.00 (inc VAT)
BP4071L: £950.00 (inc VAT)
BP4073: £735.00 (inc VAT)

European retail prices (ex VAT) are:
BP4071: €940,00 (ex VAT)
BP4071L: €1060,00 (ex VAT)
BP4073: €820,00 (ex VAT)