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Photo Caption: John Neff is pictured on location with his Audio-Technica Artist Elite® 5000 Series wireless, ATW-A49 antennas and AEW-DA660D antenna distribution system while shooting the new David Lynch film Inland Empire. Photo by Terri Beausejour. (This photo is the property of Terri Beausejour and may be used by the press only for the purpose of one-time reproduction. Unauthorized use, alteration or reproduction of this photograph is strictly prohibited.)

San Francisco, CA 10-02-2006 121st AES CONVENTION — Engineer/producer and location sound recording specialist John Neff used a wide selection of Audio-Technica microphones to capture audio for the new David Lynch film, Inland Empire, starring Laura Dern. States Neff, “I chose A-T because over the years their products have proven time and time again to be completely reliable and have the ability to capture audio with the highest quality. When you are in the field and have a set with actors and full crew you can’t risk anything. Audio-Technica mics deliver every time.”

Neff continues, “I used eight channels of Artist Elite® 5000 Series wireless with AT899cW lavalier mics on the individual actors to capture dialogue. To support the wireless, I used A-T’s ATW-A49 ‘paddle’ antennas and an AEW-DA660D antenna distribution system. I added two AT4041 mics on stands/booms to capture ambience. Unlike other sound recordists, I printed everything to discrete tracks in a mobile ProTools® rig so I could select the best tracks later. That way I would not be locked into a field mix that I would not be happy with depending on what camera angle David chose. I wanted to keep as much flexibility as possible in the field and make those decisions in post.”

Over the years, Neff has used various Audio-Technica microphones for other David Lynch movies including the award-winning film The Straight Story. Neff recalls, “We used AT4041s on the acoustic guitars of The Straight Story score, and without exception, each guitarist was amazed at their sound and wanted to know what I did to get them so clear and natural sounding. I said, ‘No EQ, no compression, just the AT4041 in the right position.’”

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