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The Salon returns for a second series in London's Trocadero Centre where Audio Technica wired Microphones play an important part in allowing all the conversations to be heard.

10-01-2003 A new series of The Salon (The Salon 2) began on Monday 15th September 2003, which saw Paul return to manage a new team of hairdressers and beauticians. Unlike the first series, Salon 2 is filmed in London’s Trocadero centre, near Piccadilly Circus, to accommodate a larger studio needed for the increase in services offered by the Salon. In this series, the Salon studio is home to a single treatment room, double treatment room, sauna and spa, changing rooms, staff room, Managers office and cutting/colouring area. Having chosen and relied upon Audio-Technica microphones for several projects in the past, such as Salon 1 and the last three Big Brother TV Shows, Sound Engineer Oliver France yet again specified Audio-Technica wired microphones, namely the ES933 gooseneck microphones and AT871RW moisture resistant boundary microphones for placement directly in the Salon itself. France describes the AT microphones as “fantastic, versatile” and “with a bit of imagination, absolutely wonderful to place so as not to spoil any shots”. He has suspended 21 ES933/C microphones from the ceilings throughout The Salon as well as fixing several in an upright position on chairs, and even on the washing basins. Two AT871R microphones have also been fixed to the ceilings in the sauna and steam rooms, picking up clear sound without the problems usually associated with moisture-filled environments like this one. All in all, the production team do not miss a single conversation throughout the Salon, even though the visitors themselves are not wearing microphones, and this enables them to zoom in on the most promising subjects of conversation between Salon staff and their unsuspecting customers, at almost light speed. Even the Salon voice-over is clear and crisp, and yes, you’ve guessed it, is all made possible by yet another Audio-Technica microphone, the AT4050 large diaphragm microphone, the microphone which brought the voice of Big Brother to our screens.