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Japanese Rock Act Crossfaith Relies on Audio-Technica Wireless and Other A-T Products in the Studio and on Stage

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Photo 1: Ikegawa Hiroki (bass guitar, foreground) and Takemura Kazuki (lead guitar, background) of Japan-based rock band Crossfaith — loyal users of wireless systems and other products from Audio-Technica.

Photo 2: Pictured L-R: Takemura Kazuki (lead guitar), Ikegawa Hiroki (bass guitar) and Koie Kenta (lead vocals) of Japan-based rock band Crossfaith — loyal users of wireless systems and other products from Audio-Technica

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Stow, OH 12-18-2015 Japan-based rock band Crossfaith has built quite a name for itself in Japan and abroad since its founding in 2006. Featuring members Koie Kenta (lead vocals), Takemura Kazuki (lead guitar), Amano Tatsuya (drums), Tamano Terufumi (keyboards, programming, backing vocals) and Ikegawa Hiroki (bass guitar), the group has a focused, intense sound achieved through musicianship and hard work. Unsurprisingly, the band has a dedication to great audio and quality gear, and they have come to rely on products from Audio-Technica, a leading manufacturer of wired and wireless microphones, headphones and accessory products for over 50 years, both on stage and in the studio. In fact, Crossfaith is one of the most recent additions to Audio-Technica’s impressive roster of artist endorsers.

Crossfaith proudly uses a variety of A-T mics, including the ATM25 Hypercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone, the ATM23HE Hypercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone, the AT4021 Cardioid Instrument Microphone, the AT4047 Cardioid Condenser Microphone and others. Recently the band started using the A-T System 10 Stompbox Digital Wireless System for guitar and bass.

Kazuki notes, “Our stage performance means everything to us. We’re all about moving all over and going crazy. So that’s why we decided to use a wireless system.” Hiroki adds, “I think a wireless system helps you express yourself on stage.”

However, the band’s adoption of the System 10 stompbox configuration was somewhat reluctant at first. Kazuki recalls, “To be honest, I was really concerned that a wireless system would make the band sound thin. I was worried that we would lose our heavy sound. [But] there was no transmission loss. I was actually surprised because it sounded exactly like using cables, great tone and dynamics, which I wasn’t expecting. And the setup is just super easy. I thought it was perfect for a guy like me who hates complicated things.”

Hiroki adds, “Size-wise it’s perfect, compact and small. So I think it is also perfect for the young kids… just put it in your bag and take it with you wherever you want. It’s the same situation during tours. The compact size is really convenient. I will definitely be using the System 10 stompbox system on tour. The sound quality is just amazing, which is really important for Crossfaith. My bass guitar sound is absolutely clear. I can hear every detail within the band mix.”

Kazuki notes, “What’s also great is that I can use up to eight guitars with one receiver, which was something revolutionary to me. I am really confident that the system will take our performance to the next level.”

The band concludes, “We just love being able to go out to the world with A-T products. It’s an amazing feeling.”

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